Franks for Nothing Melbourne Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Franks for Nothing Melbourne

Posted on Friday, November 29, 2013 by Sebastian

Video by Frank Branca.
Words and photos by Stephen Oliviera.
Chris Noel was full of energy and hyped to skate every spot that we ended up going to.
A group shot was necessary almost everywhere we went.
The number of photos I shot of Nick Noel up in this tree is unreal. He was like an adorable little monkey throwing bananas at people, and all I wanted to do was keep snapping pictures. Anyway, here's my favorite one. No bananas are being thrown, but he's sharing his drink with everyone!
The "Nick Noel Portrait" folder on my computer grew pretty large this day.
Nick and Frank were hyped on what went down. Sometimes you've gotta keep it simple.
What would the day have been if I didn't try getting one "artsy filmer" shot?!
Straight Nat-Geo in this b! Nick Noel pokes some creatures with sticks while Frank documented it.
No day around Melbourne is complete without a trip to Mustard's Last Stand. We had to play it by the books on this one and show you guys how the locals eat. Small talk while waiting for your food is so 2009, everybody was lurking Instagram instead.
Davin Wynkoop with the action shot… Fries so good, even Jimi knows. Take a look at his face on the shirt.
Double cups with Chris Noel.
Davin busted a first try boneless on this crusty bank on the bridge that separates Melbourne from the beach.
The view is amazing up here. Nick Noel takes it all in after laying it down on the crust bank.
Davin broke in the first spot over the bridge with a solid Front 5-0.
Chris backed him up with a Front 5050.
Hey guy, can I have a high five?
Nick got down and charged this back smith.
Davin kept the session going a little bit longer with this kickflip back tail.
If there is a "#drunkmomsofinstagram" hashtag, this lady is in there. Between the sun and (I'm assuming) drinks, she did some awesome stuff for the camera.
Right when we thought we were getting the boot, this happens…
Boot-free, Chris backs up his brother and Davin with a chillin' back blunt to close out the session.
Even these rippers need breaks sometimes.
We headed a little further down the boardwalk and found another spot. I was just hyped to get another lifestyle shot for the collection.
All walks of life inhabit the shores of Melbourne.
Chris started throwing down for this gap to ledge, while his boys peeped the waves.
People loved the twins and asked me a few times if they were famous. Someday ladies, someday…
Starbucks and wearing the freshest of gear while killing it all day -- The Noel Twins are doing it right.
We headed over to a DIY spot where we met up with Mat Call. Davin busted out a front blunt down the rail before Mat showed up.
Instead of walking back up, Davin decided to play it safe and front board back up the rail instead.
Nick took Mat's whip for a quick spin while he was out destroying a jersey barrier.
One of the last spots! After running out of energy and becoming extremely hungry, I was running short of ideas for shots and wanted to play it a little different… Here's Nick and Chris standing back, ready to hit the bump to rail.
Mat came through with a quick ollie to show the youngins how it's done.
Chris already knows how it's done and banged out this front salad like it was nothing.
Mat can wallride anything. He could wallride a horse if you put it in front of him. Count the bricks on this backside wallride!
Oddly enough, this front feeble photo of Nick and Mat's wallride ended up getting ran in the current issue of Focus. Check it out if you haven't!


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