Vans Demo Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Demo

Posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 by Ryan

Vans Demo
March 6, 2004
Words by Ryan Clements
Photos by Barak Wiser

  • Geoff Rowley - First man in - last man out. He killed it even though his knee was a bit hurt. His bs tailslides on the flat ledge were at mach speed and he even did a bigspin out of one of them. I had never spoken to Geoff before, but he was a true professional skateboarder in every form of the phrase. Plus, he thanked Scotty and I for the "obscene commentary." He's one of my new favorites.
  • Jim Greco - Grecs was not feeling it at all, but still a nice guy.
  • Van Wastell - Obviously a great skater, but skated pretty mellow. Seems a bit shy, too.
  • Scott Kane - I've never seen Scott in real life and he was a super-nice guy. I don't recall him hitting the big rail, but he did smooth kickflip fs 5-0's on the bank to hubba box.
  • Darrel Stanton - Skated with a permanently glued smile on his face. Darrel has a great sense of humor and killed the big handrail with a fs salad bs 180 out. He's a total gentleman and seems really cool to hang out with.
  • Cab - A living legend. Cab was sick from food poisoning so he just hung out. It was nice to have him around.
  • Ray Barbee - Another living legend. Ray Barbee is one of the most innovative and smoothest skateboarders ever. He still has one of the best styles to this day, and he showed it at the demo.
  • Danny Cerezini - Danny did some moves, but nothing like I've seen at the Am. He was very friendly, and we all know that he kills it.
  • Luther the Marketing Guy - This guys is all about no bull$h!t. I like his style. If you are sponsored by Vans, he expects you to skate at the demos. Isn't that revolutionary? Nope, it just makes sense.
  • Dave Smith the Team Manager - Dave has been managing teams for the five years that I've known him. I think he's going to do just fine at Vans as well.
  • In addition to the skating, there was a very nice product toss. Also, every single member of the Vans Team signed autographs until 11:30pm. Thanks very much guys.
Geoff Rowley - fs nosegrind
I think that this joker (the fake Greco) gave Scotty and I at least 30 minutes of material on the mic
We deserve free stuff!
Geoff was so cool that he even signed autographs for little chubby kids - stoked!
Front to back: Greco, Cab, Kane, and Barbee
Is Cab performing a soliloquy for the laypeople or throwing out Skaterade?
Danny Cerezini did a hardflip to 5-0
Darrel Stanton - fs salad bs 180 out - that's a tough one
Darrel Stanton - nollie fs noseslide
Darrel Stanton - bs 180 nosegrind


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