SPoT Life: Tampa Am Day 4 - Semi-finals, Finals, and Moat Race Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life: Tampa Am Day 4 - Semi-finals, Finals, and Moat Race

Posted on Monday, December 9, 2013 by Sebastian

Video by Frank Branca and Joe Pelham.
Words and photos by Aaron Austin.
Jorge Simões placed second in Amsterdamn Am and didn't have to skate until Sunday. Here he is on a 360 flip over the pyramid. Thanks Jorge for making the trip here all the way from Porto, Portugal!
Auby Taylor has a great nollie backside heelflip.
Clive Dixon - frontside nose grind. Clive holds it down for the Skatepark of Tampa team.
Clive Dixon - switch frontside flip.
Derek Elmendorf did this feeble up the rail in his first run, but just barely missed the cut to the finals.
John Hill was another Damn Am finalist who didn't have to skate until Sunday. Here he is on a switch back lip.
This is an amazing backside 360 down the stairs by Trevor Colden. He had these every try.
Time to prep for the moat race. Cheers.
Here are your 2013 moat race participants, who trudged through the gnarliest crackhead dumping grounds in Tampa for some free product.
Feathered. And the race continues.
Remember Swamp, from the previous days skating in the contest? I told you he runs in all of the moat races, and this year was no exception. However, he didn't win, and looked like he was going to die. Seriously.
The winner of this years moat race.
After the moat race, the finals kicked off. Chase Webb ended his run with a 540 right in front of the faces of everyone standing on the deck.
Nassim Guammaz has an ill style. This is a high-speed frontside 5-0 pop-out.
Tyson Bowerbank has a mean impossible. That thing wraps nicely.
Check out the back foot-catch on this kickflip back tail down the rail. Tricks like this placed Pat Schaefer in third at the end of the finals.
Jon Cosentino went straight from hardflip crail grabs over the pyramid into launching these alley-oop lien airs. It was crazy how much distance he was traveling on them. He also did a million other tricks, that's why he placed second in the finals.
Jack Olson destroyed the finals and is the winner of the 2013 Tampa Am presented by Nike SB. Jack did some tricks in his runs that were insane to even think about doing once, let alone on command in a run. This is a switch 180 nosegrind, nollie flip out.
I guess Jack didn't think that backside 180 nosegrinds were hard enough for his runs, so he decided to do nollies into them. Madness.
Thank you to everyone who came out to support your favorite am or just check out the scene. It was thick out there in the courtyard for the awards.
Kevin Wilkins from The Skateboard Mag was psyched on his Just for Showing Up award. The trophies were done by Neck Face, so I would be too.
Oh, here's Neck Face now. Thanks for the rad paintings in the street course this year. The trophies turned out awesome, too.
Tyson Bowerbank won The Skateboard Mag Fan Favorite Award, which was voted on by Instagram posts throughout the weekend tagged #tsmfanfave.
The Gatorade Driven From Within Award went to Jon Cosentino. Congrats, Jon!
Here are the top three winners with their prizes from Dean Guitars. From left to right: 2nd place Jon Cosentino, 1st place Jack Olson, 3rd place Pat Schaefer
Now for the champagne. Get 'em, Alex Midler. Thank you to all of our sponsors, families, skaters and last but certainly not least the fans. That's all for the 2013 Tampa Am presented by Nike SB. See you all at Tampa Pro in March!


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