SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party 2013 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party 2013

Posted on Friday, December 20, 2013 by Sebastian

Words and photos by Marino Nicastro.
Video by Joe Pelham.

The Santas and their sexy elves. SPoT Ghetto Christmas 2013 is underway!
The Bricks Employees were ready for the night, were you?
Thanks DJ Qeys for killing it all night!
Casey Wayne and Brian Schaefer knew it was time to turn up!
SPoT Employee Michael Andruzzi was enjoying his night!
The Insane Clown Posse showed up at some point.
Squadded up!
The drinks were flowing and the hype was growing. Everyone loves a photo shoot.
Jata and PJ shredding daily and nightly.
Everyone who got into a photo received a gift.
Yoda and Ian Perronne came away with some of the not so weird gifts.
This couple had one of the best costumes!
The turn up was real!
Everyone was getting down inside The Bricks.
You're looking at the winner of the booty shaking contest, getting down early.
HiDefJoe is an expert at these events, mixing business with pleasure like a G!
Tom Mckessy, mostly killing it behind the counter at SPoT Ybor, was double fisting the best beer out! PBR!
The dance floor was getting some action too.
You know what time it is! Booty Shaking Contest!
The girls were ready!
The group shaking.
Alex Bibiloni crowd-surfed off stage.
The second place winner was getting her money's worth from the contest.
The first place winner was getting love from the crowd all night.
The contest was over, but the party wasn't.
Joe Pelham enjoying the end of the night! As you can see, The Bricks filled up real nice.
A good ending to the night.
I hope everyone had fun! See y’all next year!

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