Agenda Trade Show Long Beach Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Agenda Trade Show Long Beach Photos

Posted on Sunday, January 12, 2014 by Sebastian

Photos/Captions: Brian Schaefer, Alex Bowers, Mikah Collins, Sebastian Chande, Joe Pelham.
Story: Sebastian Chande.

We spent this past week at Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach for a mixture of business and skateboard tourism. The crew consisted of SPoT veterans Brian Schaefer, Joe Pelham, Alex Bowers, with me and Mikah Collins as the newer guys. Full story below the photos.
View of Los Angeles from the hotel room at the Westin courtesy of Agenda.
Panorama of the Vans Dirty Dozen dinner at Rebel Bite in LBC.
HiDefJoe and Seb running the streets of LBC, y'all.
Thanks again Black box crew for the hospitality and letting us crash your park!
The Chief was there and shut the session down like a boss.
Thank you to the Vans team for having us out for The Dirty Dozen dinner. We're are stoked to be a part of the dirty!
Up in the show at Agenda LBC.
Mike Anderson reading a Thrasher at the Matix booth. Thanks, Matix, for hooking the squad up with custom denim and a rad denim coozie.
Get ready for that Star Wars collaboration with Santa Cruz at the NHS booth with Princess Lay Yuh!
Brandon Biebel live at the TWS awards, hosted by the boss man BS.
HiDefJoe getting clips at TWS awards. Red Carpet with Justin Williams from Force Trucks and Lizard King
Professor Paul Schmitt and Boss BS right before the show at the TWS Awards. Paul was ripping Volcom skatepark in Costa Mesa with us the next day.
Long time partner Jake Mednik from KAYO and his chick Bridget at Sevilla Bar in LBC for the Agenda after party, put on by DGK.
The SPoT crew ready for the Transworld Awards.
SPoT crew on the red carpet at the TWS awards. BS held it down at the awards along with Lizard King.
These guys made it clear why they've been asked to host the awards for the past three years.
Chris Cole wasn't up for any awards, but stopped in to Chat with Blair Alley during the TWS awards.
Congrats, Lucero, on the TWS Legends award. Well deserved!
Desiree and Matt Hensley on hand to congratulate John Lucero and enjoy the TWS Awards.
Team Emerica + Koston late night meetings after TWS awards.
TWS Crew and Josh Kalis rehearsal time before the awards.
Day 2 at Agenda, Hanging with the Hopps dudes Jamal Williams, Steve Brandi, Josh Stewart at the Theories of Atlantis booth
Keith Hufnagel and Felix Arguelles had an on-stage conversation about HUF and the state of the skateboard industry.
Alex Midler, Jake Kelley, and Curren Caples give Agenda and SPoT a Thumbs up.
Everyone's Favorite, Reese Forbes siting at Agenda with Schaefer
Classic moment with Chris Carter, owner of DNA Distribution. and Dylan Reider.
Ronnie Bertino holding Strong at ATM for over 14 years and keeping it positive always.
Two awesome Andersons, Brian and Kenny.
Cole Mathews, his well behaved best friend, and Mark Appleyard
Thanks for letting us skate, Element, and for ordering up Mark Appleyard for our SPoT Life edit.
Daps with BS and Mark Appleyard at the Element compound in Costa Mesa.
We had a ripping game of keep-it-up, futb├│l style with the Element dudes to warm up the day.
Mark Appleyard - half cab 5-0 fakie at Element Headquarters.
Thanks to Marc Falkenstien at Element for having us out to the new HQ. Here's Apples getting it in on the mini with a blunt kick flip.
Thanks for letting us stop by, Element!
Steve Stratton and Marty gave us an exquisite tour of the Volcom headquarters. This is the design office where Apparel coming out in the Spring of 2015 is being created.
Volcom park is killer! Thanks Steve for having us out to skate it!
Volcom's archives are stacked bottom to top with skate mags, line sheets & skate history. Thanks for the tour!
Joe Pelham - Frontside Noseslide at Volcom.
Daily BS with a keepsake in the Volcom archive.
The view from the bottom of Bob's ramp. Kyle Berard happened to be there when we showed up.
Overview from the top of Bob's Megaramp. Thanks to Josh and Nolan from Hellaclips for the invite out!
Yep, We got to witness Bob re-park his helicopter on the other side of the mega ramp after giving Rune Glifberg a Ride.
Bob is one gnarly dude. Thanks again for the tour of your Dreamland.
Thanks to Hellaclips, Nolan, and Josh Kalis for hooking up our visit to #bobsdreamland!
The Golden State did not disappoint and its back to the east coast. Amazing trip full of good times and good friends.

Day One

We immediately split up into Team Business and Team Tourism after arriving in Long Beach. While Schaefer, Bowers, and Mikah met up with Vans for dinner, Joe and I drove to Black Box Distribution to film an episode of SPoT Life. We were welcomed at the Black Box entrance by Ryan Bobier, who let us in for a session - check the next SPot Life episode to see Jamie Thomas, Kyle Frederick, Ryan Bobier, Tony Cervantes, and Corey Glick destroy the park. It's insane to think of the level of skating that goes on in there on a daily basis. Thanks for letting us stop by, Jamie and Ryan.

Day Two

Team Business and Team Tourism merged into one for the first day of Agenda. This show is different from others that I've been to in that the skate section of Agenda felt more like a gathering of old friends than anything else. Aside from the skateable booths, free beer, and collection of pros all over the place, though, it was still a trade show, and we still went through all the regular trade show motions of stacked meetings.

When all of that was taken care of, we headed to the Transworld Awards, which were hosted by Schaefer and Lizard King. Congratulations to Mark Suciu for winning both the Reader's Choice and Best Rookie awards, Element for winning best team, Nike for winning best video with Chronicles Vol. 2, Brandon Westgate for winning best video part, and John Lucero for winning the Legend Award. I don't know if this deserves another round of congratulations, or a thank you, or what, but Lizard King deserves some kind of honorable mention for killing it on the mic. I hope that he and Schaefer get invited back for another one next year. We'll have footage from the awards in an upcoming SPoT Life.

Day Three

The second day of Agenda was similar to the first: lots of meetings, handshakes, and general business talks. The show was followed by Agenda Emerge, which is a conference featuring well-known industry names talking about their experiences in skateboarding. The stand-out there by far was Keith Hufnagel's insights about what it was like for him to start a company and handle multiple cease-and-desist threats. Thanks for sharing, Keith.

Day Four

Once Agenda was over, we went into full-on skateboard tourist mode. The day started with a visit to the new Element HQ in Costa Mesa, where we met up with Mark Appleyard for a mini-ramp session, and were given a tour of the new facility by Marc Falkenstien. AlBow has some Appleyard footage here. Thanks for letting us stop by, Element!

From Element, we went to the nearby Volcom facility, where we've been hosting Damn Am Costa Mesa for years. We got a quick session in at the park with Paul Schmitt after getting a tour of the facility from Steve Stratton. The tour included a stop in their archive room, which contains every printed piece of art Volcom has produced. Thanks for the tour, Steve!

Our last stop of the day was an unexpected visit to Bob's Dreamland, where we met up with Josh Kalis and Nolan Woodrell from HellaClips. There was an insane MegaRamp session going on when we got there, which ended with Bob taking off and flying around in his helicopter. Thanks Nolan and Josh for getting us out there!

Again, special thanks to everyone at Agenda, Black Box, Element, Vans, Volcom, HellaClips, Bob's Dreamland, and Transworld, and everyone we met during our time out there. Hope to see you all at the next one!


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