Surf Expo Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Surf Expo Photos

Posted on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 by Sebastian

Photos and words by Frank Branca.
The annual January Surf Expo was this weekend, and the SPoT crew was excited to return for another one.
Yep, it is the Bright yellow course again. Here is a bird’s eye view of the course for the Volcom Wild in the Parks contest.
Uncle Sam was ripping with a smile as usual.
Or maybe this why Uncle Sam was smiling.
Darth Vader and this Storm Trooper were with NHS showing off some Santa Cruz Star Wars decks. Stalker Steve wanted to use the decks as light sabers to cut through the Surf Expo crowd.
Uncle Sam - fs smith.
Vans served Waffles in the morning and gave away Popeye’s chicken later that night. Thanks for feeding us broke skaters, Vans.
I want to play with this!
Cesar Fernandez flick back tail the tall ledge to drop as Chris Blake documents. Follow these dudes to peep the footy.
Monkey Business?
Dalton Dern of the Dern duo - bump to bs smith.
Stopped by the Matix booth to pay good friend Gabe Clement a visit.
Matix Denim is on point. Thanks for hooking it up with a pair, Gabe!
Photo of a photo of one of my favorites - Mike Anderson.
After cruising around expo checking everything out, I came back to the park to find Jereme with a rolled ankle.
One of SPoT’s newest employees, Yodaaabomb, with a boneless off the top deck.
Alejandro enjoyed his first Surf Expo experience.
Being in Film, I know that this is quite the accomplishment. Congrats, Volcom.
Security had their hands full trying to stop everyone from skating in the convention center. Could you pass up skating on this ground? Manny couldn’t help but get a 360 flip in.
Tampa locals and Rippers Laura, Noelia, and Alex.
Stopped by the DC shoes booth with Markus.
We ran into Jefferson Pang!
Focus Skate Mag, Corona, Santa Cruz board to pop the top, and astro turf boards.
These dudes have been holding it down in Orlando for years. Alex Elder, Cesar Fernandez, and Chris Blake.
Poptart flying around the course.
Casey Wayne is back on the board and still has a proper switch flip.
From one trade show to another, Alex Bowers is fresh off the plane from the Agenda trade show right to business at the Brixton booth at Surf Expo.
Artsy Wall ride photo.
Thomas Dritsas going up the rail.
Alejandro with another trick I don’t know the name of.
This is Casey Wayne’s homie from South Carolina, Lurge, with a switch big heel down the stairs before heading back to Tampa.
On the way out I spotted this kinker. Maybe Element or DC could bring out Nyjah in September to grind this rail.
Casey says that’s a wrap. Lets go check out the after party downtown.
Insta Ramp was in full effect at the Bar.
Thanks Surf expo for another fun weekend!


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