Valentine's Day Massacre 2014 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Valentine's Day Massacre 2014

Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 by Frank

Photos by: Frank
Video by: Hidefjoe
James Cobb put in a few hours of shop work before skating the contest.
The Jitt Squad was hyped that this photo got Instagrammed by Gold Wheels.
Wes Box repping the SPoT Private Label.
8 and Under Division top 5.
9-12 Division top 5.
9-12 Division top 5 goes straight to the courtyard to trade out product.
Yoda and Marino holding down the SPoT marketing tent.
The Lurge and Dylan. Check these guys out in the latest episode of Cruise Control.
Nate Lardi has legit gear.
Jared Pettway, feeble grind across and down.
Thanks to Dan from Graffiti Skate Zone for always bringing out the crew.
Scott Garrison with a fast plant boardslide.
Is that Pirro out there with a bs tail?
13-15 Divison top 5.
Alex Bibiloni is not letting a broken arm stop her from skating.
Marse Farmer, 3 flip lipslide.
Also hyped to see the VX1000 doing some documentation.
HiDefJoe documenting the contest.
Miles Mckinney charging and Zack Nead FS noseslide.
Bird's eye view of a noseblunt.
Jamie Foy and his pink shirt, FS blunt.
Deein Coats and Tyson Peterson were hyped on something.
Alejandro killed his Jam, qualifying 1st for the finals.
Nick Wallace with the proper sticker placement for this BS boneless.
James Cobb taking it down the stairs with a fakie flip.
Derick Glancy, BS tail.
Nick Noel FS crook right in front of our announcer, Chris Jata.
We decided to have an impromptu Best Trick Contest. The winner gets this Olloclip.
Drew Fall won the award for having the most busted shoes all day. Fallen hooked him up with a new pair.
16 and Up Division, top 5.
Sponsored Division, top 5.
Product Toss madness.
...and that’s a wrap. Thanks to everyone who helped make this an amazing Valentine's Day Massacre. Big ups to Fallen, New Balance, and Black Box distro for hooking it up with prizes and support. See you all at Clash of the Crews.


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