Shaqueefa Demo & DVD Release Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Shaqueefa Demo & DVD Release Party

Posted on Sunday, May 25, 2014 by Chris

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting the Shaqueefa Mixtape Vol. 2 DVD release party. The squad kicked it off with a demo and screening of the video before officially putting it up for sale. Check out some photos from that below, then go scoop the video in-store or online right here. Thanks to Scotty & Buggica and the whole Shaqueefa fam for coming through.

Photos and words by Frank.
I really like the Shaqueefa Mixtape Vol. 2 packaging. It's simple and to the point just like the video.
All Shaqueefa tees are one of a kind and screen printed by hand.
SPoT x Shaqueefa.
Robby was first guy on the course and I think the first guy to ever get a Shaqueefa tattoo. And that’s a nollie 3 flip.
Pee Wee Kirks: Shaqueefa DFL.
Buggica and Jata with their "Blue Steel" pose.
A cooler full of PBR starts the demo off proper.
There was also this limited edition Brian Schaefer x Shaqueefa collab.
Durbin is back on his board and ripping.
PBR x Shaqueefa collab.
It wasn't all sausage and PBR...some ladies were hanging out and enjoying the skating too.
It was awesome seeing long time homie Tommy Presley skating tonight. He hurt his knee years ago and hasn’t been able to skate.
Shaqueefa and Magenta pro Jimmy Lannon is everywhere these days and it shows. He has dropped three full parts this year for Incognito, Mixtape 2, and Static 4. Check out his SPoT On we did a while back.
Chris Jata gets a feeble around the corner.
Scotty “The Body” Conley stomps a 3 flip to shut down the demo.
Yonis sunk a 3 pointer before the video started.
These guys are ready to show everyone their hard work.
Josh Bowser focused his board and quit skating after seeing the video. Just kidding - he was actually just really stoked.
Everyone on this list killed it.
Thanks to the Shaqueefa Squad for holding it down for Tampa since 2003, everyone that came out to support these guys, and PBR for the free booze.


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