Back To School Bash 2014 Recap Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Back To School Bash 2014 Recap

Posted on Monday, August 11, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Aaron Austin
Video by Frank Branca
Welcome to the photo coverage of the 2014 Back to School Bash at the Skatepark of Tampa. We hope you picked up some stickers and mags, and more importantly that you enjoyed skating and hanging with friends before you head back to school.
The day started as it always does with Schaefer's favorite division, 8-and-under. This drop is over head high to a little guy like Danny Boyd here. That's a huge commitment for a 5-year-old to make! Way to go, Danny.
When she wasn't skating her runs, fan favorite Courtney Block filmed her fellow 8-and-under competitors. Thanks for representing for all the girls out there, Courtney, and we appreciate the SPoT love, Block family.
Wesley Box easily took first place in the 9 to 12 division by landing tricks in his jam like this smooth pressure flip down the stairs. Making Nate Sherwood proud at every contest, Wes. For real though, you annihilated it.
Mikey Sanchez had a sick 360 flip down the 7 stair during his jam in the 13 to 15 division. That division is really competitive, but Mikey still placed 5th.
8 and under winners from left to right: Xavier Schwarz, 4th; Danny Boyd, 3rd; Brody Harris, 1st; Silas Backus, 2nd; Enzo Calderazzo, 5th.
9 to 12 winners from left to right: Harry Fredlund, 4th; Mason Munar, 3rd; Wesley Box, 1st; Austin Hufnagel, 2nd; Jake Yanko, 5th.
13 to 15 winners from left to right: Mikey Sanchez, 5th; Juan Gaviria, 1st; Ke'andre Ruffin, 2nd; Kristoffer Clayton, 3rd; Meagan Guy, 4th.
Out in the courtyard, Matt Lindo warmed up for the 16 and up division by skating the new flatbar. Matt had a tweaked out frontside nosegrind while Christian Henry-Bissett looks on.
Gavin Thompson absolutely destroyed the 16 and up division. Gavin made this lofty hardflip over the pyramid in his jam and took first place.
I can remember when doing a kickflip backside lipslide during your run or jam meant that you were probably going to win the sponsored division at the park. It's crazy that even if you do, like Chris Roque did here in his jam, you end up in 3rd place in the 16 and up division. Still really awesome these days though, because that's how much skateboarding has progressed over the years, and it'll only keep getting gnarlier in the future.
The judges were enjoying themselves all day, even though it was brutally hot. I caught Derick Glancy and Manny Rodriguez having a laugh while Jereme Knibbs focused on the action out on the course.
The sponsored division at SPoT all ages contests is like a mini Tampa Am. Carl Feliciano made this buttery switch frontside flip in his jam, but didn't quite make the 5-man finals jam.
When I said it was hot, I meant it. Miles McKinney's shirt melted off as he blasted this massive frontside ollie from tranny to tranny.
This frontside feeble grind that Julian Lewis did across the bank-to-bank rail was really tweaked out. Julian landed some super hard tricks during practice, but couldn't put it together during his jam. Next time, Julian.
Jake Ilardi is a true all-terrain ripper. It's crazy to watch him do huge lien to tails like this, and then throw kickflip frontside bluntslides down the handrail in the same jam.
MP3J Al Bow had to crank up the volume for the sponsored division finals jam.
Haze Miller had incredible flow around the course during his jams and a serious boneless on the China bank. Haze took 5th place in the sponsored finals.
SPoT team rider Alejandro Burnell slashed frontside crailslides through the corner pocket and bashed off the walls into second place in the sponsored finals. Congrats buddy, you killed it.
Zion Wright did this backside overcrook in qualifiers, then made about a million other tricks in the finals to take first place in the sponsored division finals. We're glad that nasty injury isn't having any effects on you, Zion! Now get your pops Mustafa back to the park next time.
Ahh, that's what time it is Andy. It's time for the 16 and up and sponsored division awards.
16 and up winners from left to right: David Kennedy, 5th; Leo Moreno, 4th; Gavin Thompson, 1st; Landon Swan, 2nd; Chris Roque, 3rd.
Sponsored finals winners from left to right: Josh Douglas, 3rd; Haze Miller, 5th; Zion Wright, 1st; Alejandro Burnell, 2nd; Ross Caruso, 4th.
That's it for the 2014 Back to School Bash here at the Skatepark of Tampa. We hope you and your bae had a nice skate date, or at least that she watched your broken board for you while you watched the contest with your buddies.


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