SPoT Life: Tampa Am 2014 Welcome to Town Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life: Tampa Am 2014 Welcome to Town Party

Posted on Friday, December 5, 2014 by Chris

Video and edit by Frank Branca, Jared Lucas, and Kevin Perez
Photos and captions by Alex Sherrer, unless noted otherwise.
Leo Heinert made it out to a lot of our Damn Am series events and came all the way to Tampa this year.
Frank Branca will be bringing you all the video footage from the weekend of madness.
Jayden Ty Bono and Niko Howard took in some of the Deck the Walls art show. Tonight will be part 2 of that show at The Bricks.
Your Masters of Ceremony, Paul Zitzer and Brian Schaefer will be on the mic all weekend.
A surprise guest guest for this weekend is Mike York. Thanks for coming, Mike.
Outside, the skating continued - here's an invert from John Gardner.
Devin Bagnoli had this sick 50 50 pull-in.
Nate from Deluxe and Tyson Peterson were watching kids destroy our new concrete courtyard.
DJ Qeys got things heated pretty quick. DMFP approves.
The Donahues brought out their daughter June for her first Tampa AM.
Our staff members Josh Wilson and Luke Pallone had boards in the snack bar for the art show.
Kyle Randall brought in his X-Ray board complete with slides from when he broke his knee off in the bowl.
Nick Halkias aka The Skateboard Museum even brought some of his super rare boards and an old Rocco sticker sheet to the art show.
Erin will be pouring your drinks all weekend.
James Cobb is busy trying to get on the SPoT 2015 calendar - or the PBR calendar.
Where did Kanaan Dern snatch up this lovely lady?
Dalton Dern was shutting down the Bowl Jam with this back tail.
Here he is enjoying the fruits of his labor.
This little girl was brave enough to get a few runs in and make the crowd go nuts.
SPoT staff member Derick Glancy was out all night with his homies from Stewart, Fl.
Spoiler Alert?
Connor Askew is here trying to make the cut with 270 of the worlds best Ams.
Lance + Ladies: Brooke, Kate, and Krystal.
You never know what will go off in the courtyard when there is free beer to be had. Check our Instagram from last night to see what's going on here.
...Speaking of free beer. Ryder Bartholomew is not getting paid for this, FYI.
Auby Taylor picked up a few prizes from working his magic in the bowl.
Pat Steiner and Paul Shier were enjoying their time at the Bricks.
Even the cab drivers were psyched on the busy streets of Ybor.
Ronnie will be behind the bar the whole event slinging drinks.
We will see you guys tonight at Czar for the Tampa AM after party starting at 10PM.


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