SPoT Life: Tampa Am 2014 - SPoT 22 Year Anniversary Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life: Tampa Am 2014 - SPoT 22 Year Anniversary Party

Posted on Sunday, December 7, 2014 by Chris

Video and edit by Frank Branca, Jared Lucas, and Kevin Perez
Words and photos by Marino Nicastro, Mikah Collins, and Alex Sherrer
After Qualifiers were over and the Moat Race victims were hosed off, it was time for another cement session out in the courtyard. This time it was a warmup for the 22 Year Anniversary Party. Nike SB brought Grant Taylor down from ATL to break this thing in, along with Ishod Wair, Justin Brock, Cory Kennedy, and Karsten Kleppen. Jake Ilardi was getting in these McTwists almost every try.
Rowan Zorilla - Nose Grabbed the Key hole.
Grant Taylor with a huge FS air.
Cory Kennedy had a mean Texas plant on the quarter pipe.
SOTY with a lofty FS air.
Yesterday, Jake "Pop Tart" Welch was doing these 50 50 roof bashes above the tranny...tonight he got this nosepick and the crowd went crazy!
@redbullusa kept us all going throughout the weekend. Thanks for the love!
Here are Shaqueefa OGs Robby Kirkland, Chris Jata, and Manny Rodriguez enjoying the open bar.
Always nice to see members of the FSEC making an appearance.
DEA and Saint started the night off right.
Evan Smith suprised us with a visit for the day and here he is with none other than Chris Blake.
Some great dudes right there - Justin Brock, Chris Blake, Evan Smith, and Ishod Wair.
@floridahell Treshan Oshaughnessy thought he could get in a session without us noticing.
Some great dudes right there: Justin Brock, Chris Blake, Evan Smith and Ishod Wair.
Brian Schaefer kicked off the Concrete Courtyard session.
Figgy came to the stage next with Arctic.
Nuge seems to be the quiet type but don't let him fool you.
Alex Beckford took time out of the pit to get this photo.
Nothing better that brotherly love between Justin Brock and Jim Thiebaud.
I didn't know that I had accidentally stumbled into the Skate Mom tent.
After the courtyard was destroyed and the bands had left the stage an unknown assailant lit off a few fireworks to end the night at the park.
I had to step out from behind the camera for a picture with the elusive PEC.
After the smoke had cleared, it was time to hit Ybor again. Rarely is anyone allowed to be on top of the bar, but Tampa Am is a rare occasion. That's Louis Jr. on the Bricks bar.
Fucking Awesome was here all weekend, and Ishod Wair hopped in the photo. Tyshawn Jones, Ishod Wair, Nakel Smith, Kevin Bradley.
Wonder if they are also trying to go from Flow to Pro.
Went to the Shaqueefa Pop-up shop and found these characters. PJ Castellano, Alex Bowers.
Katie Faulkner was out last night with Nike SB rider Cory Kennedy.
What better way to end the night than with Patron shots, the Man of the Hour: Grant Taylor, and Caila Burke.


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