Clash of the Crews 2015 Recap Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Clash of the Crews 2015 Recap

Posted on Monday, January 26, 2015 by Chris

Finals results here.
Video: Frank Branca
Words and photos: Marino Nicastro
Welcome to the 2015 Clash of the Crews, presented by Vans. Friday night we had a Welcome To Town party for all the crews to practice, eat some BBQ and drink some free beers. Jamie Foy from Island Water Sports and a local contest skater was getting his trick on lock. Back Nose Blunt.
Our very own Uncle Sam had tailslides on this flat bar dialed in.
Josh Douglas - Switch Feeble, Island Water Sports.
Bud Howard from Clockwork Skate Shop - Tre Flip over the handrail.
Niko Howard is known for killing it at our all ages contests. That's a FS Alley Oop. Atlanta Grip Crew.
Outside we had free grub for anyone skating in the contest, and for sale for them lurkers.
Josh Knight was our grillmaster for the weekend. Look at that steez!
Chris Jata, Shaqueefa local blasts these kick flips like he’s paid to.
Dakota Hunt here to help his Graffiti Skate Zone crew, who won the last two years. No Comply Tailslide the corner.
Thanks to Big Storm Brewery for keeping everyone stocked on the sauce all weekend.
Brian Schaefer and Ed Selego were your announcers all weekend and also rivals for the contest. Good luck to MIA and SPoT tomorrow!
Here we are Saturday afternoon for Clash of the Crews presented by Vans. There were close to 20 amazing teams, but at the end of the day it was going to only be one who took home the gold and a grand. That's Ashton Dohany from Galactic G going off the wall for this Air to BS Wallride.
Aqua East had probably the youngest crew of rippers, Lil Bill, had these crazy Body Varials.
We had a good group of judges for the contest, Keven Perez, Luke Pallone and Derick Glancy.
Vans has some seriously great ideas. One of them is serving waffles at all the events they host, so you're sitting there thinking about how good their waffle grip is while sucking down a hot syrupy waffle. Thanks Vans!
Back inside, Shaqueefa was putting on a good show. Piro Seirra Bump to Back Tail.
Shaqueefa had their own twerker on the box the whole contest. Manny and the rest of the crew took time out to make it rain on her. Classic entertainment from these guys! Congrats to them for picking up the Best Party Team award, courtesy of Big Storm. Check out their edit of Clash of the Crews by clicking here.
Shaqueefa cheeks!
Atlanta Griptape made it to the Finals. This Laser Flip BS 50-50 from Robbyn Spangler-Magby probably got them there.
Noseslides to fakie on rails are not an easy trick but Uncle Sam sure makes it look that way.
SPoT made it all the way to the final two and had to skate four jams to get there. Alejandro did this Boneless over the corner every single try.
TJ Sparks from Westside Skateshop - Gap Crooked Grind.
Nick Wallace (also Westside Skateshop) kills the park on the regular. FS Nosegrind the corner.
Yonis Molina is a switch master and local. Straight on Switch 50-50.
Shane Farber and the rest of the Atlanta Grip crew came out with 6th. He’s got good style, especially on this Bean Plant Bluntslide.
Treshan Oshaughnessy from Schoolyard Skatepark. 50-50 bash 5-0.
Bryan Schaefer, Plus Skateshop - 50-50 Up Pop out.
Kaanan Dern gapped the big pyramid to Lipslide! Graffiti Skate Zone won the last two years and were looking for a threepeat.
Clint Beswick - Tre Flip Fakie.
SPoT made it to the Finals head to head with Island Water Sports for the gold. James Cobb Alley Oop Back 180 over the rail.
Markus Jalaber has a style of his own and a killer on the team. Big Varial Heelflip!
Josh Douglas - Switch Blunt. Island Water Sports has a killer team and sure put in work.
Jamie Foy! Gap Back Tail shuv out. He did this more than once.
Jamie also did this Tre Flip FS Noseblunt first try in the final heat. He got one of the highest scores anyone has ever got in a SPoT contest.
At the end of the day, Island Water Sports was the one who got first and took home $1000. Congrats guys... you earned it!
After the contest was over, Big Storm Brewery had a few awards to give out with lots of beer. Here's Piro Seirra claiming for Shaqueefa winning the Make It Rain award for best party team. Check out the rest of the results from their awards here.

Full Contest Results

1. Island Water Sports
2. SPoT
3. GSZ
5. Westside
6. Atlanta Griptape
7. Schoolyard
8.Red Beard
9. Aqua East
10. Galactic G
11. BC Surf n Sport
12. New Blood
13. MIA
15. Skate Shed
16. Bluetile
17. Flatspot
18. Clockwork
19. Cocoa Beach

Big Storm Brewing's Awards

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