Spring Roll 2015 - presented by Lakai Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll 2015 - presented by Lakai

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos by Marino Nicastro
Video by Frank Branca
Lakai came through again this year and sponsored our Spring Roll All Ages Contest. They sent over Riley Hawk, Jon Sciano and Daniel Wheatly and we had a huge turn our for the day! Brian Schaefer helping kids register in the morning.
First age group is 8 & Under. Courtney Block is at every contest and SPoT event. She got in this firecracker in her run.
Sid Velez came all the way from Brazil but took home 1st in his division 9-12 with this FS Boardslide.
Jake Yanko - Fast Plant.
Rory Doran - FS Feeble.
Kris Clayton - Crooked Grind.
Wesley Box took home 1st in the 13-15 division, congrats! Being at SPoT everyday may be helping him…BS Wallride.
8 & Under Awards. Click here for full results.
9 - 12 Awards. Click here for full results.
13 - 15 Awards. Click here for full results.
Outside there were some Boards for Bros tents where all proceeds go to giving skateboards to the less fortunate and everything that goes along with it. Part of it was also helping put these completes together, so they let anybody come along and take part in it as much as they wanted. If you want to learn more about Boards For Bros, you can check out the website here.
Jake Yanko didn’t stop at the street course. He went and got inverted in the concrete course.
Michael Mavo was skating the 16 & Up division but was warming up in the concrete instead. This One Footed Invert was 1st try.
Josh Knight Maintenance king killing the grill as well.
The future generation of skaters; not to say they aren’t already killing it though.
Meagan Guy holding it down for the girls in the 16 and Up division. BS Board.
Here's a sample of how packed it was in the park that day. It was insane kids dropping in left and right, and not to mention there were over 80 kids in 16 & Up.
This guy was killing it! Old school tricks only and it was sick! Boneless Lean to Tail.
Cody Aanstand did this Pull In after the timer but that didn’t stop Brian from handing him off some money for it!
Jared Pettway Feeble Pop Out.
Didn’t I tell you it was a long day? This kid passed out in the corner because he was tired of waiting.
Chris Noel - BS 270 Lip. Starting off Sponsored the right way.
Julian Lewis - Gap FS Lip.
Alejandro Burnell - Fakie.
Markus Jalaber - Crook Pop Over.
Austin Hufnagel - Early Grab Mctwist.
Josh Douglas - Nollie Heel Noseslide.
Jake Ilardi - qualified 1st with this Gap BS Lip.
Dakota Hunt - Fakie 50-50.
Josh took home 1st again. It's amazing to watch him skate. Gap BS Smith.
The Judges had to make sure they got everything right.
16 and Up Awards. Click herehere for full results.
Sponsored Division Awards. Click here for Qualifiers results and here for Finals results.
...and a product toss to finish it off. Thanks to Lakai, Riley Hawk, Jon Sciano and Daniel Wheatley for making this the best Spring Roll all ages contest to date!


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