School's Out Jam 2015 Video & Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam 2015 Video & Photos

Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 by Chris

Video: Frank Branca
Words and photos: Marino Nicastro
Schools Out Jam presented by KR3W Denim was a blast! A quiet morning before the chaos that went down in the park. I hope you made it out because Brownie and Boo Johnson were here.
Danny Boyd FS Smith in the 8 & Under! I swear he gets better every time.
Mason Munar Kickflip.
Kris Clayton - FS Blunt. He's a local here and it shows.
Brandon Starr - Boneless Transfer. The 13-15 age group was amazing to watch, "they’re getting better younger nowadays", says every old guy.
Steven Szumal - good style on the Bean Plant.
Adam Tyler - Fakie 50-50.
After the 13-15 age group, we summed up everyone's scores. The Judges went to work.
Outside there was a Boards for Bros tent outside. The Box Family is in charge and they’re killing it.
They had tables out where anyone could come up and help put some boards together for the less fortunate.
Pat and Josh supplying us with food outside. Two guys, lots of meat.
Mike Mavo testing the concrete course with the BS Boneless.
Back inside, the awards. 8 & Under Podium. Results
Danny Boyd has been skating our park and contests since he could first roll around. He took home first this time and couldn’t be happier. Boo Johnson congratulating him.
9-12 Podium. Results
13-15 Podium. Results
Meagan Guy - Texas Plant. She killed it in the 16 & Up Division.
David Leon - Kickflip BS 5-0.
Greyson Beal - Hardflip.
Wesley Box - 360 Pressure Flip.
Boo Johnson was out there filming tricks for his own files.
Gregory Hunt - Gap to FS Tailslide.
Miles McKinney - Gap to FS Lipslide.
Someone threw up on the course mid run. This dad ran out and cleaned it up with his shirt..! Im guessing that face is because of the smell or maybe excitement.
Robby Kirkland - classic Nollie Tre over the hip.
Alejandro with a big BS Indy to Disaster.
The crowd was loving the Sponsored division. On to the Finals.
Cameron Hunt - BS 360 down the set.
Nick Wallace - FS Melon Texas Plant…? Someone should name this trick and tell him.
Marcos Montoya - Tre Flip Lipslide.
Jake Ilardi killed it and got himself the gold. Gap to BS Lipslide.
Harry killed it as our guest announcer. I mean the guy in the back not the dog, although he killed it too.
16 & Up Awards. Results.
Sponsored Finals Awards. Results.
A final product toss to end the day.


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