Photos From Baker Boys Demo at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos From Baker Boys Demo at SPoT

Posted on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos by Marino Nicastro
It was a beautiful afternoon at SPoT, where everyone patiently awaited the Baker Boys to arrive and melt faces with some skating and hi-jinx.
The dudes showed up on time in two separate vans. We had them come through the VIP special entrance on the side of the park so kids wouldn’t tear them apart.
Baker don't play! They went straight to the park and started ripping. Jake Hayes warming up on a nice Melon Grab.
T-Funk Impossible the Box Top.
Figgy came through as the rail king with a Nose Grind Pull Over.
Shane Heyl and Nasty Neck Face came through and announced for the whole park. Take notes guys.
Cyril Killa with a Nollie Heelflip.
Rowan Zorilla getting crafty with a Nollie BS Flip to Disaster.
Tristan Funkhouser - 50-50 Pull In.
Figgy - Nollie FS Blunt.
Kevin “Spanky” Long! Bean Plant to Fakie. So awesome to see this guy!
Andrew Reynolds came through like it was ’98 again and Frontside Kickflipped to flat from the bank! Lets just say he shut the demo down. #ToThaFlo
Outside after the demo everyone was getting in their photos and meetings with the Baker Boys.
Beagle and Frank the two filmers - straight killing it.
Signing has begun. First we had all the dudes sign some Boards for Bros decks so we could give them out to the less fortunate.
Speaking of Boards for Bros…They had a tent set up where you could spin the wheel and win some free things. All we asked for was some sort of donation; Money or parts for boards to help out our cause.
The posters were out and there must've been over 200 kids in line.
Greatest couple/pair goes to these two. Lots of happy campers here.
Baker Boys even brought out the ladies. I think I can hang with you guys.
I was really surprised how many loyal fans there were out there. #Baker4Life G!
Beagle and R-Zilla. Rowan was decorating the tables with the Shep Dawgs logo. You should check out the 4 amazing videos they’ve put out on the internet.
The boys at Baker even gave us a signed board to put up in the shop. Thank you so much for coming out!
Skater Moms! Wesley Box’s mom with the Infamous Mrs. Reynolds. It's great to see moms who support skating.
Cheers to a great Demo and Signing!
Product Toss!
These kids were stoked!
Great to see Dustin out here on the mic.
Ok, who wants the board?
Sudden Death Match.
Ain't nothin' like some pizza and wings to close out.
The Baker dudes came and left through the VIP Gate. This is only a taste of the carnage that went down. Get ready for the edit from Frank Branca coming out later this week.


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