Bakeland: Baker Boys Skate Lakeland, FL Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Bakeland: Baker Boys Skate Lakeland, FL

Posted on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 by Chris

Fresh off burning down SPoT with their demo last week, the Baker Boys set out to Andrew Reynolds' hometown of Lakeland, FL in search of some old spots and new ones. Our lensman Frank Branca was along for the ride and was able to get some photos of the trip.

Words and photos: Frank Branca
The guys wanted to ride by the roof gap that Reynolds switch ollied and kickflipped. We were almost instantly swarmed by security.
Terry Kennedy, Bryan Herman, and Rowan Zorilla came along for the tour.
Watching Beagle in action was sick! If there's such a thing as "filmer steez", he's got it.
Atiba setting up a new board as Dustin Dollin captures some of the Hijinx. Make sure to check out Atiba’s photos from this trip at
Riley was on the injured list but still stacked some footage.
Baker’s newest Pro, Cyril Jackson starts off his line with a backside 180 nosegrind.
Rowan asks the Boss if he can jump over the bench.
Of course Reynolds snapped over the bench with ease.
Bryan Herman got a few lines on these benches. Be on the lookout for the footage... you know it is going to be crispy with Beagle behind the lens.
Next spot! Baker TM Doughnut leads the way.
The Crazy Lion statue is amazing but really really hard to skate.
Figgy, Sammy Baca, Neckface, Dustin Dollin, and Shane Heyl.
T-Funk snaps over an Alligator.
Rowan gets a BS lip and Doughnut gets the footy.
Reynolds leads the way as he gives us a little tour of his old stomping grounds.
T-Funk - lipslide pop out.
Reynolds kickflipped this in the Birdhouse video “The End”, 1998.
Rowan's thinking something up!
Herman: “Boss, you boardslid this to fakie??”
Bump to wallride.
I imagine that he's thinking "It's good to be home".
Shane Heyl is the hype man and he definitely kept the moral up as they skated every spot.
Herman casually destroyed every place we hit.
Nuge definitely lives by the Vol 4 motto, "Live Heavy Travel Light".
Spanky - wall jam fakie.
Herman shuts down the session with a flick out of this wallride.
Great group of dudes right here! Thanks for letting me tag along and make sure to follow the rest of there journey on Insta at #BakerTour2015.


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