The Bricks & SPoT Ybor 5 Year Anniversary Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

The Bricks & SPoT Ybor 5 Year Anniversary Party

Posted on Monday, July 27, 2015 by Chris

Video by Frank Branca
Words and photos by Marino Nicastro
We did it! The Bricks and SPoT Ybor made it 5 years so far, so we decided to celebrate. The 5 Year Anniversary Party was beginning to look promising, it rained all morning from 7am-2pm but finally let up. This party was going down rain or shine.
Thanks to guys at Insta Ramp for waiting out the rain and getting the skating going.
Brad from Vans was out here holding down the Vans Tent and giving away goods to the people.
Brave people setting up the stage.
This event was set up to benefit Boards for Bros; an organization that raises money to then build skateboards and give them out to the less fortunate, and hopefully teach the whole world how to skate.
The beers began to flow! Crazy for Swayze! Check out that coozie. Shawn Watkins plays drums for one of the first bands to hit the stage: Tampa locals, The Tim Version.
The young shredders getting ready to skate. Thanks for the advertisement on your skateboards!
Lots of art here at the Anniversary Party. Griptape Art for sale.
Some live spray painting art going down. That's Esben from Bloodline tattoos across the street from The Bricks. Those guys were nice enough to let us put our ramp in their backyard for last year's 4-Year Anniversary Party. Thanks dudes!
Thank you PBR for all the beer! This guy was hyped.
Its time... Tricks for Cash!
Billy Fortier getting it started with a Sweeper.
Alejandro got away with some bucks that day.
Jereme Knibbs - Switch FS Air.
Poptart shutting down the first Mini Ramp Jam of the day with this FS Blunt over the channel.
Emmy, a Tampa local, was one of the first performers. She had a lot of fans out in the crowd getting their Instagram on.
Some sort of coffee dispenser… I was curious but not enough to try.
Cheers! The day was going great.
Piro having fun with the free water guns lying around. Look at that grin!
In between bands, there was a 30-minute Rap Cypher going down. These dudes were killing it!
The crowd was the best part of the day. Were you out there? We hope so.
SPoT in the mix!
This group came out hot jumping in the crowd and really waking everyone up.
Orlando's The Welzeins. These dudes rocked!
Who wants free shit? You want free shit. And Vans abides...thanks guys!
The biggest discussion of the day; who's gonna buy the drinks?
Happy Families.
Seamus and Andrea Gallagher and Molly have always been a big part of our family and now it looks like there's a new member of theirs. Congrats guys...and thanks for coming!
Billy Fortier doing doubles with Steven McKaig.
Early Boggs Blunt Pull to Rock n Roll.
Even the young guys were making some money.
Alejandro - Fast Plant.
Did I mention there was some delicious food cooking outside? These guys had some. The guy in the middle probably ate his too quick.
Down but not out, two dedicated skaters still here to celebrate.
The Sh-Booms, another Orlando favorite, absolutely crushed it with their blend of garage / soul.
The feet were moving.
Everything was going fine and then………BOOM! It pours down raining and completely shuts down the outside activities.
The party wasn’t over just yet, we just moved it into The Bricks. Monte having what looks like a great time.
I’ve got ants in my pants and I need to dance.
Thank you for coming out everyone and a big thanks to our sponsors! I hope your night ended with you being carried out of the bar too. See you guys next time for our 6 year party.


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