Valentine's Day Massacre / SPoT EOTM January 2016 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Valentine's Day Massacre / SPoT EOTM January 2016

Posted on Monday, February 15, 2016 by Chris

Photos: Aaron Austin
Video: Frank Branca & Tristan Mershon
Schaefer likes to have a good time. He always makes things exciting—even flipping burgers with Jenny and local dad Danny gets wild. We had a barbeque and invited everyone out for a video premiere and Employee of the Month party, and even had David Gravette and Robby Brockel from C1RCA hanging out for the Valentine’s Day Massacre All Ages Contest.
I ran into Derick Wynn in the courtyard. He works in our shop and is a genuine, solid guy. He didn’t know it yet, but he had a surprise ahead of him that evening.
Derick is one of my favorite locals to watch skate. He’s super unpredictable and charges with speed and power. He has finesse about him too. This door ride is big—you better be committed at the top.
David Gravette from C1RCA skated all day for a SPoT Life episode, but had enough energy left in the tank to roll around that evening. Among other ridiculous stunts, he did this bean plant way up on the wall and hopped back into the quarter with ease.
Derick Wynn, Employee of the Month here at SPoT. David Gravette and Robbie Brockel presented Derick with his award and a giant prize pack from Converse.
Following the Employee of the Month award, we premiered SPoT employee Tristan Mershon’s full-length local video “Indigo,” which included parts from Nick Zizzo and SPoT team rider Alejandro Burnell, among others. Pick up a copy and support Tristan’s efforts to bring you great skateboarding on film.
My Saturday morning started off excellent when I showed up for the Valentine’s Day Massacre All Ages Contest sponsored by C1RCA, because one of the first people I saw was Abdias Rivera, longtime SPoT team rider and family member, with his baby boy Levi. If Levi turns out to be half as great of a skateboarder as Abdias is, he’ll still be incredible. Let’s hope he turns out to be as great of a guy Abdias is, too. You done good, Colby.
This is Cole Abarca. He skated in his first contest here at SPoT in the 8-and-under division on Saturday. Cole may have just started the next trend in skateboarding: the bowtie…
Danny Boyd, also in the 8-and-under division, is such a pleasure to watch ride a skateboard. He is fearless. It’s hard to believe Danny is only 7 years old when he makes tricks like this backside 180 the hard way over the hip. Danny took first place in the 8-and-under division, but all the kids in this division win because they’re brave for entering. It’s my favorite division to watch.
Top five from 8-and-under, from left to right: Jeff Lambert, 4th place; Terrance Rice, 3rd place; Danny Boyd, 1st place; Nash Barfield, 2nd place; Cole Abarca, 5th place.
The difficulty of tricks some of the younger kids are doing simply amazes me. This is Angel Gonzalez. He was the first skater in his heat to drop in, and blazed this hardflip first try down the stairs. Remember, this is the 9-12 division! Wow.
I think Silas Backus managed to do a kickflip on every obstacle on the course. At least it seemed as though he did. It won’t be long before he’s kickflipping into these crooked grinds. Silas took first place in the 9-12 division.
Top five from 9-12 division, from left to right: Damari Norton, 5th; Angel Gonzalez, 2nd; Silas Backus, 1st; Noah Nagaro, 3rd place; Noah Pollard, 4th place.
Courtney Block has all the cool-kid moves, like this stair-ride.
Are you a girl? Do you skateboard? Well why don’t you come to Skatepark of Tampa for one of our contests! You can hang out and skate in our Girls Division with Grace Marhoefer and Courtney Block.
I like the feeble grind on ledges. Do you remember that Mike Carroll front feeble down Hubba? So tight. Matt Savidakis channeled his inner Carroll and grinded this feeble into 5th place in the 13-15 division.
Top five from 13-15 division, from left to right: Matt Savidakis, 5th; Aaron Depaulis, 3rd place; Jake Yanko, 1st place; Josh Wolf, 2nd place; Ryan Owen, 4th place.
Boards for Bros is something you should certainly be aware of. We collect and refurbish old skateboards to give to youth who can’t afford their own. Visit to learn more, and any time you see our Boards for Bros tent, give us a minute of your time and help assemble a board. You can even speak with Michelle Box, our executive director, about how you can get more involved.
Meagan Guy is another girl who skated the contest—in the 16-and-up division—and narrowly missed out on 5th place. Megan landed in 6th this time around with ripping moves like this frontside lipslide.
Josh Bell broke his board not long before his jam. Thankfully, his mom was there to lend a hand gripping his board so he could get back out on the course—how cool is that? You’re awesome Mrs. Bell. If you haven’t done so today, thank your mom for what she’s done for you.
Back on the course, 16-and-up was going strong. Sly Sullivan was blasting these kickflips across the bank-to-bank and wound up in 4th place.
Top five from 16-and-up, from left to right: Enzo Juarez, 3rd place; Landon Swan, 2nd place; Adam Tyler, 1st place; Sly Sullivan, 4th place.
Rory Doran got this started in the sponsored division with this backside 5-0 down the hubba.
SPoT team rider Alejandro Burnell was on fire. He made tricks like this hurricane through the corner and found himself in the sponsored division finals, where the top five skaters battled it out for first.
Nick Noel had a proper backside overcrook across the flatbar. Nick and his brother Chris are super talented at riding skateboards.
Chuckie Woodard was charging! He has the best energy and attitude out there. Chuckie is the best.
I told you Chuck was charging—look at that form! Proper. Chuckie Woodard, frontside bluntslide on the ledge at Mach 20.
Here’s another one of my favorites to watch: Cash Gaddes. Cash was crushing these layback airs.
Alejandro Burnell made this frontside nosegrind pop-out into the bank in the sponsored finals. He ended the day in 3rd place.
Just ahead of Alejandro, Nick Wallace took second place. Here’s nick launching a boneless around the corner.
Marcos Montoya is unreal at skateboarding. He’s so smooth, and always has a smile to top it off. Marcos took first place in the sponsored division with moves like this front feeble across and down the rail.
Top 5 from the sponsored division, from left to right: James Cobb, 5th place; Gregory Holt, 4th place; Alejandro Burnell, 3rd place; Nick Wallace, 2nd place; Marcos Montoya, 1st place. And that wraps it! Thanks to Robby Brockel and David Gravette for hanging out all weekend, to C1RCA for hosting and to you, for coming out.


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