Tampa Pro 2016 - Thursday and Friday Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2016 - Thursday and Friday Photos

Posted on Saturday, March 5, 2016 by Chris

Words and photos by Bart Jones
First order of business: the night prior, the Polar video premier, a rad video full length with something for everybody.
Moments before the making of the viral video, which you can check out here.
Josh Stewart covers the bases when presenting the Polar video with a funny although relevant small speech.
Friday morning Josh Friedberg gets the Industry VIP contest started with a Smith Grind from low to high or is it high to low..? you decide.
Tato Feliciano took off with his 3rd place trophy and Dan Rogers (who got first) left before even handling his second run; so we bring you this photo of Nate Alton in 4th and Bob Reynolds holding down the 2nd place spot. Also note Vern Laird’s slinged arm in background recently achieved during Industry VIP comp.
David Loy gets pro practice started with a Lipslide from the bank and then around the bend.
On the other end of the course, Josh Borden takes Sugarcanes around the bend.
Chris Cole really likes Monster.
Jamie Thomas claims he’s at the comp as a hype man and moral support, but also snuck in some good lines with this Switch Board.
The Brazilian Storm.
Tom Remillard connects the dots with an Ollie Up Frontside Wallride and takes the dive in.
Evan Smith can do whatever he wants, so he Kickflipped from the launch into the hip.
Ishod has been skating about 12 hours a day; the only break he has taken is to get lined up.
Street machine Ryan Decenzo shows that tranny skills are not an issue with a big ol’ Frontside Tailgrab.
Meanwhile outside, Curren Caples polishes up his trap door skills with a Backside Smith Grind in preparation for tonight’s Converse/TWS Cement Jam.
Momma knows best... Skate And F’n Destroy!!
Aaron Herrington coming out with a banger of a part in the Polar video keeps it going with a Wallride Backside Grab Out.
Davis Torgeson Nollie Flips over the rail into the bank within a few tries flat.
Kidz Klub!!
David Stenstrom gets a lofty Frontside.
David Loy takes it to the outdoor with a Nosegrind over the door.
Mike Rogers of Grind For Life gets the gear ready.
Luan Oliveira catches and tweaks a Nollie Backside Flip.
Micky Papa is down for Boards For Bros.
Josh Borden closes the day out with a Nosepick way up der.
Film media gurus Robert Hoovis and Daniel Frank hitch a ride on out and say stay tuned today for so much more! Live webcast at 12pm EST - Streetleague.com.


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