Tampa Pro 2016 - Friday Night Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2016 - Friday Night Photos

Posted on Saturday, March 5, 2016 by Chris

Yesterday at Tampa Pro was basically just the Pros rolling in, getting their first crack at the course. The PBR was flowing and Zered Bassett was taking full advantage.
Kevin Bradley's here. Welcome to town, homie!
Looks like Decenzo is having a good weekend so far...
James Craig isn't wasting any time...two hands are better than one.
"Tampa Pro got me like..."
Props on the new facial hair, Wes. Bill Weiss approves.
"I'm sorry sir, we only serve people that aren't wearing incredibly loud, imported shirts with Lady Gaga printed on them."
After the dust settled, we all rolled out to Ybor to check out the Spike Jonze art show at The Bricks, presented by Girl Skateboards.
Kevin Taylor and Andrew Walker were rolling deep with the Philly crew out front.
Come to an art show, run into legends like Bod Boyle and Steve Douglas.
Josh Borden and Chris Gregson are in town for the Converse Concrete Jam Saturday night.
Ryan Decenzo and Adam Dyett made it.
Decenzo rolling in with the Monster girls...looking solid, Mr. Decenzo!
DJ Qeys always killing it!
It's a New Deal reunion with Steve Douglas and Matt Milligan!
Steve Douglas with the man: Mr. Schaefer.
The Three English Men: Skin Phillips, Bod Boyle and Steve Douglas.
Felix Arguelles tryin to get some grub in at The Bricks.
That's Tommy Fynn getting some advice from Heath Brinkley.
David Loy checking out some of Spike's prints.
The newest TM for Primitive: Spanish Mike with the all-talented Nick Tucker.
The walls looking good with some oldies from Spike Jonze.
The back patio at The Bricks is packed as usual.
And the party always ends up with someone on top of the bar.
The after party was lit at Czar down the street, but they weren't letting photographers in. Guess you had to be there... Goodnight Tampa!


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