Tampa Pro 2016 - Saturday Night Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2016 - Saturday Night Photos

Posted on Monday, March 7, 2016 by Chris

In the early days of Tampa Pro, we had the after parties right here at the park; sometimes shit got crazy, but it was always a blast. Over the last couple years, we started bringing that tradition back, and Saturday Night's Converse Concrete Jam / Yelawolf show was probably the biggest crowd we've seen since then. Here's the highlights.

Photos: Bart Jones and Chris Ortiz
Jake Ilardi warming up for the TWS/Converse Concrete Jam.
These girls insisted that they wanted a photo with Shane O’Neill.
SPoT chicks get what they want! Note: this photograph was completely taken against Shane’s will.
Tom Remillard warming up the course for the big evening event.
Converse and Transworld were giving out cash for tricks during the Concrete Jam. Chris Gregson took home a lot of loot. FS Nosegrind grabs like this are the reason why.
Here's the one that won him 1st place in the TWS Door Gap Best Trick contest: kickflip FS grind with style to spare.
Ishod just doesn't stop skating. Ever. FS grab over the keyhole.
Ishod - huge boneless.
Back smiths over the door will get you 6th place and $500. Josh Borden knows it.
The Pineiro brothers have been skating here since they were kids. Oh wait...they're still kids. That's Steven - FS Boneless.
Steven came in 2nd with a pocket full of 2500 one dollar bills and all he had to do were these FS nose blunt slides. No big deal.
Tom Remillard + Back Tails = 3rd place and $1,000. You do the math.
Tom Remillard - Stalefish.
After the dust settled from the Crete Jam, it was time for Yelawolf to get the party lit. DJ Kevin Romar gets the crowd warmed up...
Local MC Mike Mass took the stage and got some heads nodding.
Ladies and gentlemen, Yelawolf!
Schaefer lives for this kind of stuff...
Uh-Oh! Brian got a text needs to be at other end of courtyard quick! How’s he gonna do it?!
Yelawolf's DJ: Klever from ATL.
The crowd loving it!
Yelawolf's guitarist wanted to share some of his beer with the fans.
Everyone's a photographer... Huge thanks to Yelawolf and Mike Mass for putting on a hell of a show.


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