Spring Roll 2016 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll 2016 Coverage

Posted on Thursday, April 28, 2016 by Chris

Another Spring Roll All Ages Contest is in the books and we had a pretty solid crowd, despite the Florida heat. Thanks to Lakai and Crailtap for coming through with the prizes, and thanks to everyone who came out to support. Check the highlights...
Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Marino Nicastro
It was a beautiful day here in Tampa, Fl for our Spring Roll All Ages Contest Presented by Lakai. Eric McKenney was holding registration down in front of the shop outside. We also had a sale on all Crailtap products to celebrate the weekend!
Jackson Rutherford was here with his whole family so he could skate his first ever contest. We were hyped to see you out here and hopefully you’ll come back for more. These things can get addicting.
Danny Boyd Jr. goes for it all when its his run. BS Disaster on the 6ft quarterpipe securing his 1st place. I won’t even try this….
Jack Mcmahon was dialing down these kickflips all day during practice. Once it came time for his run he landed it first try.
Angel Gonzalez - impossible down the set. It amazes me how good these kids are getting. Angel got 1st place in the 9-12 division!
Hal Scarborough FS Blunt down the handrail. 13-15 1st place!
After the 13-15 division was done we took a small break to let the judges finalize things and let people explore the park a bit. The courtyard has everything you need.
Alex Loftus getting his session in on the concrete course. FS Ollie over the keyhole.
Grace Marhoefer Nollie BS Disaster with ease. She makes this stuff look easy but it is not.
Professional griller takin' over. Free food for people skating the contest but donations are always welcomed.
Courtney Block skates all of our contests but this is the first time I saw this puppy. I'd rather watch that dog all day then skate.
Boards for Bros was set up out in the courtyard. I'm sure you know by now but its our nonprofit organization raising money to give skateboards to the less fortunate.
Mustache Men. The kids are taking after their father already.
Kyle Harris had the coolest visor I’ve ever seen.
Sly and Peanut holding down the snackbar with all your snacks! Stop by and say what up!
Back inside its time to give out the awards. Dab on em.
8 & Under Awards. Results Here
9-12 Awards. Results Here
13-15 Awards. Results Here
DJ AlBow keeping you on your feet. Great to see you back!
It was time for the 16 & up skaters. The park really started to fill up.
Josh Bell - Crook Tailgrab. This is a difficult trick but Josh seems more comfortable than ever.
Meagan Guy - Switch Boneless 180. The only girl in this division but she continues to pass every guy out there.
Steven Szumal always has great style, Beanplant 5-0.
Carlos Mendoza - Smith Grind through the corner.
Adam Tyler normally wins these things and I’m not sure how he didn’t with this Barley Grind Revert.
Steven McKaig was the only person I saw hit this obstacle all day. 5-0 Pop Out.
These ladies keep skateboarding interesting and should inspire more girls to skate.
Fabiana Delfino has style and grace. Pivot Fakie going faster than ever.
Chuckie Wooder is one of my favorites, you never know what he’s going to do or if he’s even going to roll away but somehow he always does. Huge FS Disaster.
Cash Gaddes, our newest team rider has these Laybacks on lock. Fully extended, maximum effort.
Crowd was getting hyped!
Wes Box - FS Shuv in your face! Proper execution.
Marse Farmer - FS Nose Blunt just missing his spot in the finals.
Alejandro had an insane first run securing his spot in the finals. This Lien Air was just the beginning.
Marcos Montoya - Tre Flip Lipslide...yes that's what he did and it was second try. I don’t know how he’s so good but you know Marcos came home with a medal. 2nd Place.
I’ve seen Nick Wallace skate these contests for years and he’s always missed first place somehow or someway. This contest, he dialed things down like this Lipslide all the way around and to fakie and took home 1st!
The Judges sure had some tough decisions to make.
Thanks for showing up awards! She got one because she was looking the best of course!
Panda Skateshop holding it down, Thanks for showing up!
Graffiti Skatezone is like family to us. Thanks for showing up every time!
Michael Andruzco, our Crailtap rep.
16 & Up Awards. Results Here
Sponsored Finals awards! Results Here
Finish things off with a product toss. Thank you to anyone who showed up and thanks to all our sponsors who contributed to this and especially Lakai and Crailtap.


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