SPoT Employee of the Month Party - April 2016 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Employee of the Month Party - April 2016

Posted on Friday, May 13, 2016 by Chris

Our newest Employee of the Month at SPoT is Jack Loktu! Jack is the man behind the scenes and keeps all our inventory on track, making sure all the new shit you want to buy is in the system as soon as it hits our warehouse. Oh and he also has one of the best styles on a board. Congrats Jack and keep crushing it!
Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Marino Nicastro
Just like every first Friday of the month, we celebrated our employee party at SPoT, to have some fun and give special recognition to one employee who has killed it harder than anyone. We call it the EOTM Party. This was a good one because as soon as it hit 5pm, everyone piled in and started to skate.
Cash Gaddes is a charger so it's no surprise he was the first on the course. Its also no surprise that he rode this wall to the top. Willard.
Derick Glancy is a previous EOTM award winner and the most creative skater, Ollie Bump to 50-50 down the side.
Robby Kirkland - the technical master - has no problem doing this Nollie Inward Heel. He then continued to do a ghetto bird after this, trust me.
Eric McKenney is an ATS, all terrain skater. Fakie Barley.
MVP. Barefoot carve for the win. I remind you these parties are for everyone, no discrimination. If you skate we appreciate.
Eli “ Peanut” Giguere is awesome. Great attitude and always pushing forward. This Boneless is rad because the board may be a bit too big but two hands for the assist.
Chris Reitz was our first Employee of the Month and is a Kiddie Course Legend. Nose Slide Nollie Up.
Uncle Sam keeps things easy with this BS Nose Grind. Did I say easy? Well it was first try!
Chuck going faster than ever for this BS 50-50.
Derick Wynn had no problem doing this No Comply Disaster. I messed the shot up once…maybe twice but he did it almost every try until I got the perfect one!
Jack Loktu may not know it yet but he’s Employee of the Month for April. No Comply Tailslide with hair flowing in the wind.
Outside, Jeni was getting the burgers and hot dogs prepped. They’re free for employees but all we ask is you donate at least a dollar to Boards for Bros and you get some!
Eric and Derick refueling with some free food and PBR.
Cole’s back on his board after a nasty ankle break and we couldn’t be happier! Work it out and we’ll see you doing Bonelesses again soon.
Chase looking little dusted but present. Gang!
Abdias Rivera and his family. Totally backing this; baby is already picking up on his dad’s skills.
I see a great skater in the making! This kid is going to BS Noseblunt Tampa Tech before he’s 10.
We had Jack’s parents come thru and he still didn’t catch on that he was going to win!
Chris Reitz and his lady friend Carly enjoying the day.
Yonis showed up! Squad photo.
Tristan Mershon working hard on the next AlrightBet post. @alrightbet420 <- give them a follow.
Huge shoutout to PBR for supplying us with booze and getting us all together.
Everyone piled into the snacker where the winner was going to be announced.
A peek at the prizes. Custom crystal ashtray and a nice package from DLXSF. We hook our employees up!
The winner was announced and the place was so happy for our dude Jack.
The unveiling.
Happy smiles everyone.
Had to bring his parents up there, and a huge congratulations to Jack Loktu for killing so hard and keeping that PMA.


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