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Cons Triple C's: Haines City

Posted on Friday, June 3, 2016 by Chris

Every month Converse sends SPoT some shoes to skate and test out for the world. This month it was Jack Loktu, Alejandro Burnell, Derick Wynn and Brandon Starr and they were given the Chuck Taylor All-Star Pro. We took the guys to Haines City, a small town above Lakeland with more hills than you can count and more spots than you could imagine. When a cop found out we weren’t from there he asked us “Why would you come to Haines City when you live in Tampa?”. Check out the edit and you’ll see why.

Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Marino Nicastro
The Crew piled out of the van once we finally arrived in Haines City. Derick, Alejandro, Brandon and Jack. I assure you none of these guys have been here before. It was a big change from Tampa.
Jack and Brandon making sure they look good for the camera and ladies in this town.
First spot of the day and only 5 minutes after getting out of the van, Derick Wynn charged this Hippie Jump and made it look too easy.
Haines City is home to a lot of spots most people would pass up, but if you really appreciate the architecture you can find some untouched gems.
Alejandro with a quick Wallie Nollie before getting the boot.
Is there even Wifi in this town? Check your Instagram and Tinder.
If you skate in Tampa you know how flat the terrain is. Haines City is a paradise for hills. This ledge to hill bomb is pretty perfect.
If you know Brandon you know he’s really good, like ALL TERRAIN good. Brandon Starr FS Nose Slide in a line.
Alejandro broke his wrist not too long ago which would make most skaters hang it up until its healed. Not 'Dro. FS 5-0 to Fakie while the day is still young.
We can’t forget as to why we are all out here enjoying this beautiful day skating. Converse hooked all the dudes up with some sick shoes: the CTAS Pro Suede Lows.
Literally hills everywhere. Jack having some fun with a nice BS Powerslide.
This spot is insane; it's on an overpass and it was about 5pm. After every try you’d have to wait maybe 5 minutes or more for a break between cars. Brandon BS 50-50 to hill bomb.
This spot was sketchy, you had to swerve in and out and try not to fall off the side. Alejandro, Nosepick pull in with the one arm assist.
Jack found himself the perfect spot for this trick: Bean Plant to Tail stall. Look at that hair!
Jack is definitely the coach on these trips, keeps the mood happy and always tries to have fun. I hope you got that Frank.
Frank Branca, our filmer, always getting the right angle and always knows all the spots! We couldn’t do it without you.
Derick has got a pretty mean No Comply as demonstrated here over the bush into the bank.
This is one of those hidden spots out here. Four of these in a row and metal benches. Alejandro gets his FS Ollie in before the cops come.
The Legend of Spook Hill doesn’t make much sense but look at that hill!
Just letting the people know whats really good.
The ground here is horrible but you’re going so fast it doesn’t matter unless you fall… After this hill we went on to bomb a couple more hills and called it a day before someone wobbles out.
The guardian of Spook Hill.
Untouched rail. For anyone who would like to try this gnarly thing contact Frank.
One final stop before the sun was gone. Alejandro FS 50-50 the middle bar. What a great day!


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