Go Skateboarding Day 2016 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Go Skateboarding Day 2016 Coverage

Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2016 by Chris

We teamed up with DC Shoes for their Global Skate Jam and took it to the streets for Go Skate Day. We lucked out on the weather - it wasn't too hot (by Florida standards). With the new Bro Bowl just recently completed, we started our day off there, gave out some cash for tricks, and then moved on to Ghetto Gap, and finally back to SPoT for free skating and BBQ. Huge high-fives go to DC for sponsoring us this year and to all you guys that skated with us. Here's some highlights.
Photos: Marino Nicastro
Video: Frank Branca
Go Skateboarding Day 2016. GSD has been a recognized holiday for at least 10 years now, and although we mostly skate every damn day it means much more. Its about bringing us all together as a community and showing this world what we can do; skate and destroy.
We started everything off at the new Bro Bowl skatepark in Downtown Tampa where everyone could meet us and push down the streets. We were very lucky on weather this year. I mean it is Florida, so it was still 90 and sunny.
DC sponsored this event again and we couldn’t be happier. They hooked us all up with shirts and had many more for the people we met up with. When we got to the skatepark we backed the van in and gave out the shirts. Adam and Brian are psyched.
Tristan had the day off so he joined us, skating the old Bro Bowl. That Cannonball early grab is an old one.
Chris Reitz has one of the best Ollies over boobs and bumps. Back foot steez with the DC’s.
Kris Clayton is finally back in town and ripping like usual. We brought along this rail from the skatepark to make things more interesting. We put it down the Bro Bowl and Kris lays down this FS Blunt after little help with some wax.
Wesley Box or "some unknown 14 year old does NBD down the court house" kid? I don’t know, they look the same to me, but this Slob Plant surely stands out.
Uncle Sam is always skating something different than anyone else, probably because nobody else could skate this like him. But Sam goes where no man has gone before and Kickflips up this euro gap.
BS promised him $15 but if you don’t have change you get what you get. I guess $10 will do too. Glancy looking in like he wants some of that money.
To end things off we had a best trick contest down this set. James Cobb came packing, Ollie up the set and this Fakie Flip.
Brent Blackwell came through and won best trick with a Tre Flip 50-50 down the hubba. I missed it but I bet you Frank filmed it.
Product toss thanks to DC and our other sponsors.
Everybody dab and hold up your boards for the group photo.
Eric leading the squad to our next spot, Ghetto Gap. It was about a 2 mile skate and only half of our adventure.
Brian pushed his way down Ybor with us.
Skaters taking over 7th ave.
Finally arrived at The Ghetto Gap; this spot has been in a few skate videos, Bryan Herman Nollie BS Heelflipped it in something. Long story short: it's kinda famous but actually sketchy.
A lot of the time this is what happens when you come here thinking you’re gonna shut it down but don’t snap an ollie yet. That's red on red violence.
The Red Bull girls showed up just in time. They gave us wings but not the hot and spicy ones.
Classic Kickflip down the gap before we had to leave. We got kicked out seconds after everyone rolled up, but that didn’t stop us from at least getting a few tricks in.
Sold circle crowd. I wish we could roll with this many kids every time we went skating.
Now the final push to SPoT. Eric yelling “Push, push, push, go, go, go”!
Holding onto cars can go from good to bad in milliseconds. Skitching is what the kids are calling it. Thankfully all of them came out safe.
We finally made it! no more pushing. The park was about to get hit with a storm. About 100 kids ready to check in and skate for free courtesy of DC.
The grill is going, the drinks are flowing, and everyone's getting along.
Free burgers and hot dogs again thanks to DC. How many times can I say it today?
Free Booze thanks to PBR. Robby2packs and Brian Adams enjoying a cold one on this hot day.
Robby Kirks and Cash enjoying that food! They held it down all day... they deserve a break.
Paolo going up there with a 5-0 in the concrete section.
This good buddy of mine doing a really good Good Buddy.
Cole back on board. FS Smith with power.
To end the day, we had a best trick contest on this obstacle. Keenan Lewis is a ripper with style... I promise you this was a Kickflip BS Smith and it was amazing.
Sly Sullivan has a really good Kickflip as seen here floating one over a table top.
Tyler Wolford skates our all ages contest and has a good selection of tricks. He pulled this FS Feeble BS Bigspin out and came out with the win.
For your best trick, we give to you an Element deck and some DC shoes!
One last group photo of everyone we linked up with. Thanks again to our sponsors DC, Red Bull and PBR. Thanks to all you skate rats for being who you are and keeping this thing cool still.


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