SPoT Employee of the Month Session - August 2016 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Employee of the Month Session - August 2016

Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 by Chris

If you're still new to the whole First Fridays "EOTM" thing, it's simple: We pick an employee that's been killing it all month, shower them with prizes and high fives, and get everyone together for a session at the park on the first Friday of every month. It's an open invitation to come chill with us...there's free BBQ, free beer (for 21 and up) and always a screening of some classic skate video that the staff hand-picks. This month, it was Baker 3. Hard to believe there's still kids out there that have never seen this... Antwuan Dixon's part alone is worth checking it out. Anyway, here's some photos and a quick edit to wrap up a rad day.
Video: Tristan Mershon
Photos: Marino Nicastro
Everyone starting rolling in for the session and Jay Turner, our newest addition to the team was firing up the grill and getting things started in the courtyard.
Jacob Copher was messing around on this manual/box contraption, and it took him no time to land this BS 5-0 over the manual pad.
Inside the park, things were starting to heat up. Brandon Starr recently came back from a trip out west and it looks like nothing has changed on his Slob Plant’s.
Derick Wynn coming through with a FS Tailslide into the big QP.
Dungeon Master / Maintenance commander Tim has got his flip tricks on lock: BS Flip floating to the other side of the park.
Andy comes through and backs him up with the FS Shuv 1st try.
Keenan is one of those skaters who can get a trick on any obstacle in the park and come out with something great. Big spin FS Boardslide.
Derick Glancy pulls double duty - hosting the event and somehow getting some tricks in. Kickflip from the bump.
Beer and food always brings people together.
Joel Box is here at every event, mostly promoting Boards for Bros. Today he is helping everyone drink responsibly for free, thanks to PBR.
Free food as well. Josh Wilson enjoys his Lotion. Check out his clothing line here at the park.
Everyone loves the cameraman.
Speaking of cameramen, Tristan Mershon held down the job of shoving this thing in everyone's face while Frank is out at Damn Am Woodward West.
Josh has got his Nose Manuals down if you didn’t already know.
Normally camo is supposed to make you blend in, but it has the opposite effect in Jack's case. He’s got this trick first try every try though: BS 360 No Comply.
Wesley Box gliding over the key hole with a nice BS 50-50.
Sweaty and full, everyone piled into SBoT (Snack Bar of Tampa) to find out who won the Employee of the Month award.
Brian Schaefer and Derick Glancy ready to make someone's day.
And your winner is…… Adam Washell! Adam's main job is to order all the rad stuff we stock in the shop, down to every nut and bolt you order from us. He crushes it in all departments though.
His lovely wife Kirsten surprised him with a visit to help celebrate. We gave Adam a $100 gift card, which should come in handy, since they left after this for a 3-week honeymoon in Europe.
Congrats Adam!
If you've ever seen Adam working, you know that he uses the world's smallest laptop. This trophy should help make it look a little bigger.
In all its glory.
Ok, enough grab-assing...let's watch Baker 3!
Thanks to the dudes from Baker for always hooking us up with rad shit to give away. Here's a classic video to end a great day.


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