TBT Wheels of Fire Montage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

TBT Wheels of Fire Montage

Posted on Thursday, October 6, 2016 by Paul

This is 80s skateboarding in its purest form. Jeff Kendall, Hosoi, Salba, Grosso, Natas and a bunch of others chopping it up on street, mini ramp, vert, and even that weird tranny spot in the desert that Jaws did a McTwist on not all that long ago. The best part about this montage though might be the song, one of if not thee greatest skate rock songs of all time. It was performed by the band Eight Dayz, fronted by German Santa Cruz pro Clause Grabke. If you don’t remember Clause, maybe you’ve at least seen his Salvador Dali inspired melting clock Santa Cruz graphics? When this video came out you couldn’t download songs from the Internet, because the Internet didn’t exist, and good luck finding a copy of it at your local record store. So it lived in this video for a good 20 years before I started hearing it played again. Rad to have it back in the mix.


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