TBT - Jeremy Klein - Rubbish Heap Article at Skatepark of Tampa

TBT - Jeremy Klein - Rubbish Heap

Posted on Thursday, January 5, 2017 by Paul

Jeremy Klein has never been well liked. Or maybe it was just me? But either way, before his skating turned into a stunt based, launch ramp dependent sideshow, he was on the front lines of the cutting edge. If you weren’t alive back then, Jeremy’s part from 1989’s Rubbish Heap probably needs some context to be fully appreciated. Think about it like this, when it was first released there was still something of a debate about whether street skating was as viable a form of skateboarding as halfpipe riding. So picture other videos full of pads and the occasional head gasket / pony tail combination, vs. this. Turns out skaters liked this. The tre flip at Beryl banks was one of the greatest tricks of the decade, and his backside 360s with the loose front foot were imitated around the world. On a side note, this video introduced the practice of focusing boards, not necessarily the best part of the World legacy but hey, that’s history.


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