Tampa Pro 2017 - Here's Who's Coming...So Far Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2017 - Here's Who's Coming...So Far

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 by Chris

With Tampa Pro now only one month away, we're starting to get a good idea which of your favorite Pros will be here ripping all weekend. So just to namedrop a handful, here's who is confirmed: Tiago Lemos, Nyjah Huston, Chris Joslin, Alec Majerus, Ryan Sheckler, Tom Asta, Torey Pudwill, Brandon Westgate, Evan Smith, Kelvin Hoefler, and more. We'll keep adding more each week. Check out some hype below and make sure you pick up your tickets before they sell out at SPoTTampa.com/Tickets.


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