A Few Days In Pittsburgh With Evan Smith Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Few Days In Pittsburgh With Evan Smith

Posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 by Chris

With Evan Smith's band, Drowning Clowns locked in to perform at Friday Night's Tampa Pro Party, we thought it would be fitting to take a look back at this video from 2013 on Strange Notes' Youtube page. It's a look inside the Mr. Smalls theater in Pittsburgh, PA where Evan lives, right above the main auditorium. There have been numerous musicians that have played here, including Toro Y Moi, Smashing Pumpkins, Gwar, Interpol, and even Evan's own group that he plays in with members of his family. Hopefully most of you know how good he is on a skateboard, but if you don't - get a ticket to Tampa Pro this year and witness his unique style (on and off a board) for yourself.


  • Tampa Pro Party - Friday - March 3, 2017
  • Located at SPoT - 4215 E. Columbus Dr. / Tampa, FL
  • 6:00PM - Open bar courtesy of PBR & Monster Energy
  • Thomas Campbell Art Show / French Fred Book Release
  • 7:30PM - Bowl Jam
  • 8:30PM - Live music by Ray Barbee
  • 9:30PM - Live music by Drowning Clowns


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