Adidas Valentine's Day Massacre Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Adidas Valentine's Day Massacre Coverage

Posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 by Chris

Last Saturday was a beautiful day for our first All Ages Contest of the year: Valentine's Day Massacre, presented by Adidas. The smell of sweat and grill smoke filled the air as these kids showcased their skills in front of peers, parents and lurkers. It's been repeated like a broken record, but the level of skating at these things is getting out of hand. The little rippers in the 8 & under division came out swinging right off the bat and it only got better from there.

Photos: Aaron Austin
Not wasting any time getting things started, Elijah Wolcott turned some heads with this flyout melon grab over the shovel. And we're only in the 8 & Under division!
Let's take a minute to shout out all the parents that support their kids' dreams of being pro skateboarders (and scooterboarders).
Jacsen Kutik came out and dominated the 8 & Under division with his laid-back style and tricks like this pressure flip body varial. WTF??
Daniel Bonelli’s mom cheering him on.
Takoki Brown- frontside disaster.
Dane Downing- nollie inward heel.
Nash Barfield stopped the contest with this acid drop from the top ropes.
Alex Johnson was our host with the most. He can wisecrack with the best of them.
Aaronn DePaulis - front feeble.
Malique Simpson- kickflip backside 5050.
Zakar Hussein - front feeble.
Boards For Bros is always present at our events. It's SPoT's non-profit organization that raises money to get skateboards to kids who can't afford them. Make a donation at
Felipe Nieto- backside nosegrind.
Zach Church is from Jacksonville and this was his first trip to Tampa. Consider yourself initiated, Zach.
...And no busted lip's gonna stop Zach from skating this contest. Boneless.
Desmond White - nollie front board.
Chuckie Woodard skated in a sling and still ripped. Fakie ollie on the concrete course.
AJ Dall - kickflip fs bluntslide.
Gabriel Jr.- Switch Back 180 over the rail.
Daniel Scales - kickflip front feeble.
Miles McKinney - backside nose blunt.
Jack Wahl of Crusty Mayo Crew with a solid 360 flip.
Marcos Montoya came through and blew minds as usual - 360 flip noseslide.
Marcos Montoya - front crook pop over.
...And one more - kickflip backside lipslide.
8-under awards. Click here for full results.
16 and up awards. Click here for full results.
Sponsored awards. Click here for full results.
Just For Showing Up - Daniel Bonelli, Mr. Fades Barbershop crew Click here for full results.
Just For Showing Up - The Stelmas, for always coming to our contests and showing love! Click here for full results.
Just For Showing Up - Sebastian Chande, our "silent tech killer" came out from Westin, FL to help out with registration and scoring. Thanks Seb! Click here for full results. And that's a wrap for this Valentine's Day Massacre. Huge thanks to Adidas for presenting and to all of you for coming out. We'll see you at Clash of the Crews February 18th!


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