Tampa Pro 2017 - Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2017 - Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Coverage

Posted on Sunday, March 5, 2017 by Chris

Qualifiers at Tampa Pro yesterday went off like a pipe bomb in a fireworks factory, with over 80 pros bringing their A-game and hoping to make it into the Semis today. Congrats to Tiago Lemos and Tommy Fynn - they get a straight shot ticket directly to Finals today for finishing 1st and 2nd place. The rest of today's list of rippers can be found right here. Check out some photos from Quals and make sure to watch the live stream today at noon on ETNLive.com.

Photos: Bart Jones
David Loy and Boo Johnson are here to let you know: It’s day two! of the 23rd annual Tampa Pro at SPoT; the best place in the world.
No sense in warmin it up with some half ass boolshit when the caliber of skating was much higher than that. Tyshawn Jones takes you higher.
IDK if they have QP’s to overhangs in the streets of New York, but Aaron Herrington knows how to handle regardless.
East coast Power Houses.
D-Loy Nosegrinds thru the madness.
Between DJ sets, Kevin Romar Nollie Heels.
Once again Mr. Handsdown (Jay Scott) is on the scene to remind y’all: Keep them muthafuckin Hands Downnnn!!
Kevin Bradley catches some Tail on the big bar.
Something tells me this isn’t T-Bone's 1st Nollie Hard-Flip on the roll-in. Tyrone keeps the tradition alive like it’s '95 and blasts one.
Bo Mitchell gotta lil bored of the contest and went outside to watch a show about alligators.
Louie Lopez can do whatever he wants, but this time around he opts for the Bluntslide around the bend.
Matt Berger’s KF fs Noseslide to Fakie was no joke Y’all!
Tom Remillard jumped in and out of a lot of things yesterday for instance this 5-O on the Shelving Unit.
Paul Hart might of taken a hit to the face this weekend, but then he went ahead and paid it forward with this Fakie Heel hit over the artificial water gap.
Wether it’s Bulls or Dragons, Ryan Decenzo sees Red on this Alley-Oop Tucker.
Tyshawn Jones follows the thumb and goes up.
Golden Ticket winners Tiago Lemos and Tommy Fynn have no need to bother with the Semis as we’ll see em goin straight to the Finals. Congrats Dudes!
Tommy’s Sig: Fakie Tre Back Lip.
Tommy acquires one more trophy before he calls it for the day.
Meanwhile, in the courtyard, Nike SB put out a new amazing lil’ video titled “Loud Pack” that premiered on the big screen, but on-goers might of been a wee bit too drunk to notice.
Sewa Kroetkov bangs out 2nd in Indie's Best Trick with a Hardflip B/S Nosegrind shuv out, tech at its finest.
Shane is so used to holdin’ up these trophies that he has practically become frozen in this position. He won with a Switch Flip Back Nose Blunt. Now thats just some crazy crazy TTRAASSHH!!
There it is in all its glory. Yesterday was such an epic day, and this was just the tip of the 'berg. Tune back in soon for total coverage of Converse Concrete Jam, Jenkem Best Trick, Artic Show and even more!!!!!!!


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