Tampa Pro 2017 - Converse Concrete Jam Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2017 - Converse Concrete Jam Coverage

Posted on Sunday, March 5, 2017 by Chris

Last night's Converse Concrete Jam was lit! And I literally mean "lit". As if the contest wasn't gnarly enough, Jenkem mag came through with some crazy portable party extension, complete with go-go dancers, a disco ball, and fire. Yes, fire. I'll just leave it at that and let the photos do the talking.

Photos: Josh Bowser & Bart Jones aka "Ol' Jonesy"
Ishod couldn’t help himself and decided to start floating these FS Airs before the sun went down.
Chris Cole was hanging out too, signing autographs for the masses.
We had the paramedics on call right outside, just in case.
People lined up to get their beers before the show started just outside. Thanks to PBR and Monster for getting the juices flowing.
Then it was straight up to the VIP bleachers to get the best view.
The industry heads had their own premium spot right on the ramp too.
Daniel Vargas and Charlie Blair share a joke before the session begins. Charlie was sharing good vibes with everyone all week. You’re a champ Charlie!
We were all lucky enough to watch the premier of a new video from Nike SB, titled “Loud Pack”. Thanks to Nike SB for making that happen, the video was super sick!
Brian made the obligatory announcements and the Converse Concrete Jam was off and running.
The media crews were out in large numbers by this point in the night. ETN was here filming the Live Webcast for everyone that couldn’t make it to Tampa this year.
We also had this dope SnapChat filter setup for everyone to use.
As if that wasn’t enough, homie pulled out the Mini-DV to get his own shots. Lemme peep that G!
Cody Lockwood warms up the session with a Crailslide.
Charlie Blair - Drehobl to fakie.
Daniel Vargas - BS smith
Ishod Wair - BS Crail
Cody Lockwood - Kickflip melon to fakie.
Charlie Blair - Sal flip to fakie.
There was a pretty gnarly collision between Cody and Charlie. No love or blood lost though.
Halfway through the contest, Brian offered Wes $500 to jump in. He declined in the most casual way possible, by heading to the bar for another beer.
Ishod Wair - FS tailgrab
Milton Martinez is a beast! Kickflip.
Someone always pushes the boundaries of these Jams. In this case, Tom Remillard literally did that with a 50-50 stall on the outer limits of the course.
Jake Wooten - BS tailslide.
One the regular contest ended, Jenkem brought out a surprise obstacle for the Best Trick contest.
It was called the Jenkem “VIP Lounge”, complete with disco balls, rave lights and even a few dancers to tie it all together.
Looks like all the filmers had lost focus on the skating by then.
Jake Wooten tests the waters with a FS grind.
Eric Winkowkski - BS Invert.
Cody Lockwood BS Noseblunt. Damn!
Jake Wooten - BS boneless.
Here's a view of the Jenkem go-go dancers from the other side of the course.
SPoT OG Kyle Randall hanging out with the Monster girls.
Jake Wooten - FS boneless.
The guys at Jenkem had one more surprise up their sleeves…
“The club was lit last night man…”
Charlie Blair - FS Grinds through the flames.
Jake Wooten - BS Air.
Brandon Yarborough ain’t scared of a little fire. Eggplant.
Tom Remillard - fiery frontside rock.
Then it got weird and we had to call it.
Just in time for a product toss. Thanks to our sponsors!
Time for Paul to start writing some checks too.
Riley Stevens picked up 8th place in the Concrete Jam.
Daniel Vargas skated his way into the top 10 with a 7th place finish.
Our Converse Concrete Jam announcers Brian Schaefer, Jeff Pang and Frank Gerwer about to announce the top 3.
Jake Wooten picked up 3rd place - good job, dude.
That's Jeff Pang holding a pretty sweet bass donated by PBR for the winner of the Concrete Jam. And that was...
He also took the Jenkem Best Trick Award for that insane BS Noseblunt on the VIP Lounge.
Cody Lockwood took 1st Place! Congratulations Cody you killed it.
Straight into interviews…fame is rough.
Top 3 for the Concrete Jam - Tom Remillard (2nd), Cody Lockwood (1st), Jake Wooten (3rd). Congrats boys!
Thank you to the Jenkem ladies for coming out and having a good time with us. Time to party!
Samurai Shotgun was our first live act tonight. They have been killing the southern music scene for years with their unique style, which includes live scratching from the one and only DJ Qeys.
They always bring tons of energy to the stage, and the crowd always responds. It got a little out of hand, in the best way possible of course.
Next up were the fellas from Arctic; Nuge, Figgy and Frecks.
Frank snaps a quick photo. Must be a fan.
“Everyone get the f*#k up to the front of the stage.”
Frecks getting among it.
Figgy can seriously rip on a guitar. Oh yea and on a skateboard too I guess.
Nuge and Frecks are on the same insane level. You guys killed it!
“Thank you Tampa!” No thank you Arctic. See you guys tomorrow morning for the Finals. Let’s get it!


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