2017 Damn Am Costa Mesa Practice Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2017 Damn Am Costa Mesa Practice Coverage

Posted on Saturday, June 10, 2017 by Chris

We're back in sunny California this weekend for another year of Damn Am at Volcom HQ. Over 100 skaters showed up today to rip, and practice is already nuts. Check out Bart's photos from yesterday and follow us @SPoTTampa for real-time coverage.

Photos: Bart Jones
Greeted this morn by the ever so punctual Prince of NHS and Bronson Bearings Kingpin, Gavin Denike. Don’t worry Gavin, we got your banners looking tite!
When you come all the way from Osaka, Japan to skate you’re gonna wanna show up and get your licks. Keyaki Ike got more than a few, Switch 180 Five-O.
Nick Merlino also showed up early for some rippings, then got to work with his new business venture: making Açaí Bowls.
Like Flypaper, Jackson Davis jumps up on the wall and sees whats stickin’.
Uh-Oh! Now Merlino got ahold of a microphone and is holding impromptu contests, winner gets an Açaí Bowl!
Double Trouble!! CJ Collins & Keegan Palmer.
Child’s Play!
Daisuke Ikeda, Tre Flip Lip.
Brian diggin’ this dudes SPoT tattoo.
Switch Backtail down the shelf, just a wee bit more difficult than pronouncing Mike Piwowar’s last name.
SPoT’s very own Wes Box and Derick Glancy doing some performance art in the backlot.
Grant Amspacher was trying to vacuum the sound out of the speakers. Whoa mann... trippyyyy!
By midday, the park was pretty packed. Jake Ilardi plays it smart staying above the crowds with a Backside Air.
No Photo! No Paparazzi!!
“Oh you just want to see my Açaí Bowl? Well, I guess that’s cool”.
Lazer Crawford gets the Primitive Boyz attention with the Hardflip Backlip.
“Yo DJ Spin That Wheel!”
Pink Powered 180 Switch Crook performed by Alex Midler.
Malik Jordan wanted the FS Wallride photo. Ask and you shall receive my friend.
Keyaki Ike strikes again, this time with the Switch Front Feeble.
After a long day of planning and preparing this contest, Paul Zitzer still has time to get out on the course and film some traction. He’s the best no matter what he’s doing or how busy he looks. Don’t hesitate to ask him to film you; he’s always down! Check back tomorrow for Qualifier Photos and more classic hi-jinx!


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