Damn Am Costa Mesa 2017 Finals Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Damn Am Costa Mesa 2017 Finals Coverage

Posted on Monday, June 12, 2017 by Chris

What started as a small comp in the Volcom HQ parking lot has turned into a worldwide platform for the best Amateurs to showcase their skills and hopefully take the first step in making a career out of skateboarding. We pay homage to it every year by coming back to Costa Mesa, and Volcom always comes through with the hype and a sick course to shred. Yesterday's finals were mind-blowing and we've got the photos to prove it. Stay tuned for the SPoT Life episode coming later today.

Photos and words: Bart Jones
Hotdogs for breakfast?! Okay Lets Go!!
He’s got Kicky Front Crooks down rails and blasted Backside Airs on tranny. Once again, Austin Thongvivong proving he’s more than just a guy with the word Thong in his name...still really cool tho...we’ll get over it someday though.
Kevin Scott knows when you put in time on a good sticker job you best flaunt it.
One of the kingpins of Volcom Skate: Jacob Smith and his cool dog Damo!
Extreme ATV - Jake Ilardi Blunt Kickflips the big QP.
Yoshi Tanenbaum, FS Bluntslide
Luan in the Muhfuckin’ building!!
Nate Greenwood with a critical Gap to Nosegrind.
Remember when a 180 Switch Crook from the same side was an anomaly? Now everyone can do 'em... even Midler.
Daisuke Ikeda seein’ red mid Tre Flip Lip Fakie.
“Hello, hello! This is Schaefer reporting to mission control. We are ready to start Finals; I repeat: we are about to designate Finals!!"
It’s all about doin’ hard tricks these days and finding even harder ways to get into 'em. Nate Greenwood Front 180s into a Switch Back 5-O.
Style is function... gotta lean into the Hurricane or it’s gonna blow you away. Marcos Montoya knows the code.
East Coast powerhouses Nick Merlino and Vern Laird.
Everybody wants Christian Dufrene’s cool striped shirt, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having his Bennett Grind skills to boot.
Best Trick winner Ivan Monteiro keeps it lit with a Tre Noseslide.
Big shout-out to Wienerschnitzel for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Thank You to the Anaya’s for dessert.
Yoshi hasn’t messed up on Front Blunt since 1247 BC.
Midler knows he’ll never be able to escape his Air Baby roots, so instead he hones them.
REAL talk.
Cx5 MM Cool, Calm, Collected, Consistent, Confident: Maurio McCoy.
Tre Flip Blasphemy! Daisuke Ikeda.
Pass the Açaí Bowl to the left hand side!
Thanks For Nothing, but we’re actually Thanking you for something!..Get It!? Mann we’re zaney! Gotta give one to Paul Schmitt considering he’s partially responsible for a good chunk of all the boards bein' rode today.
Remember the guy with the cool dog from earlier? Yup Jake Smith. He got a Thanks For Nothing Award too, on behalf of the Volcom Estate.
Gotta give one to the Açaí boyz for hookin up some actual healthy goodies.
With Sideburns lookin' like they were dipped in snow cone syrup, Lazer Crawford takes home the Santa Cruz Smasher award. Oh and oh yeah, btw... Manny announced the contest this weekend and killed it!
Nate Greenwood takin home the Mob G For Effort Award, but where's his actual G?! $$$
It’s okay Giovanni Vianna, you don’t have to wear a ginger wig under your hat to fit in here in the states. We were gonna give you the Bronson Speed Killer award anyway.
No surprises Giovanni took the Speed Killer award with high speed Backtails like this one.
Last year's Costa Mesa Damn Am winner Alex Midler gonna have to settle for 3rd this time around. Not too shabby, nevertheless.
This gap to Frontside Feeble is insane.
Golden Ticket winner Maurio McCoy kept his zen up and pulled through with that 2nd place. Not too bad..not too bad at all!
Not very often do you see the Kicky Front Tail pulled back to straight, but your boieey Maurio is got it like that.
Talk about making the trip worth it, Daisuke Ikeda pulled off a flawless run all while juggling his hat. CONGRATS DAISUKE!!!!!!
The Switch Big Heel that Daisuke sealed his run off with.
Another successful Damn Am for the books. A huge gigantic thank you to everyone that has supported in the slightest; and once again, congratulations to Daisuke and hope everyone involved had a blast!!


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