Cons X Polar Jack Purcell Shoe Release Party Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Cons X Polar Jack Purcell Shoe Release Party Photos

Posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 by Chris

Last Friday we not only got to pimp out the newest Jack Purcell shoe release, but we also got a first look at Cons X Polar's newest video, "LA Days". The Best Trick contest went off and a few lucky people went home with free pairs of the new kicks. Check out some photos below and make sure you pick up a pair on the Converse page here.

Photos: Josh Bowser
The reason we are all here: To celebrate the release of the new collabrative effort between Polar Skateboards and Cons & watch their new video "LA Days". The all new "Jack Purcell" collection is still available right here.
SPoT Crew report: Alec, Sterling and Emcee D Glance on the scene.
Robby 2packs & Sam warmed up by cooling down with a few beers courtesy of PBR.
Derick was enjoying a cold one as well, even if most of it ended up on the ground...
Irie Vibes ruled the day.
Thanks to Jake Mednik at Cons for hooking up all the product and making this event possible. Cheers Jake!
Rather than doing just one Best Trick, we decided to give away a pair of shoes for the Best Trick on a few selected obstacles, starting with the Low to High Quarterpipe. Tyler Bullock - Alley Oop 270 Early Grab.
Darius would turn into Switch Crooks on these long Frontside Grinds he was doing.
Peter Kryger - Miller Flip
Onto the next obstacle: the Bump to Box. Ryan Cullen - Front Smith
Josh Wilson - FS Nosegrind
Sam Front Shuved into this BS Nosegrind.
John Teaff - Front Crook
It's Hubba Time. Nick Cordano - Nollie Nosegrind
Daniel Barber - Willy Grind
On to the 6ft Quarterpipe... Sam - Back Overcrook
Darius - Front Feeble
Josh Teaff - Front Feeble
Peter Kryger - Wallride Yank in to Fakie
Keenan about to extend his leg on a Judo Fakie
Cash Gaddes handling his patented Layback Air
Darius Norton took the Prize on the Square Rail with ease.. - Front Lip
Darius - Front 5-0
Cash had never done this Crooked Grind before, but he stepped to the challenge during the Wall Rail Jam.
Keenan Lewis - Front 5-0
Brian introduces the video and gives Jake from Cons a much deserved shout out.
Skaters and girlfriends of skaters wait patiently for the video to start.
Winners of the Best Trick contests took home a brand new pair of the new Cons X Polar Jack Purcell shoes. Thanks, as always, to everyone who showed up to skate, watch the video and just hangout. And an extra special thank you to Jake Mednik and everyone at Cons & Polar for allowing this event to happen!


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