2017 Back To School Bash Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2017 Back To School Bash Photos

Posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 by Chris

In case you don't live in Florida and were wondering just how hot it can get down here, I think we had at least three kids puke in the middle of their runs last weekend. That, or they all just really want to be like Ishod Wair. In any case, the contest forged on, and we made it through the day. These guys (and girls) were still ripping at 100% and here are the photos to prove it. Huge shout out to DLXSF for giving us rad products to give away, and for just being great people in general. ...and thanks to everyone who came out and endured the 1,000 degree weather. See you at Harvest Jam!

Photos: Josh Bowser
Nash Barfield - 50-50
Noah Nagaro - Feeble Grind
Jett Lambert - Crail Grab
Noah Pollard - FS Kickflip
Boards for Boards was out, as usual, sharing the gift of skateboarding and selling these rad Skateboard Hearts to help support their cause.
Thanks Michelle and Joel!
Our friend Vivian Fisk was out here too, helping kids decorate their boards and griptape.
Griffin Landry - Ollie over the Rail
Jonah Clark - 360 Flip
Skate moms cheering on their award winning children.
8 and Under Top 4:(L-R) Jackson Rutherford, Jett Lambert, Zion Effs, Cole Liller
9-12 Top 5:(L-R) Breno Franco, Noah Nagaro, Jonah Clark, Dane Dowding, Griffin Landry
Always rad to see the kids supporting each other at these contests.
Eric Abdou-Essa - BS 50-50
Ryan Cullen trying to poach my angles.
Tyler Wolford - Back Lip down the Hubba
Elijah Allred - Front Lip
More than a few guys ended up expelling their lunch onto the course thanks to ridiculously high temperatures...
Luckily, we had the clean up crew out there mopping up and handing out water or Gatorade to any pukers.
Beware; these dudes can be pretty judgemental...
Ain't that right Tim?
13-15 Top 5:(L-R) Roman Desmond, Michael Zimmerman, Ryan Cullen, Fernando Ruiz, Elijah Allred
Jack Wahl - Crooked Grind
Matt Savidakis - BS Nosegrind Revert
Maycon Mota - Hardflip
Marse Farmer - Front Blunt Transfer
Lester Cepero blasting into the atmosphere with a 360 Flip.
Lester Cepero - Nollie Heel to Boardslide
Maycon throwing up the signs before Sponsored announcements.


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