2017 SPoT Annual All Ages Awards Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2017 SPoT Annual All Ages Awards

Posted on Friday, October 13, 2017 by Chris

The SPoT Annual All Ages Awards are our way of saying thank you and recognizing the amazing people that help us put on all our events. From the parents to the staff and skaters themselves, these guys kill it and we appreciate them.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Best Style - Liam Brocks
Best Attitude - Tampa Timmy
Batman & Robin - Never apart and always traveling together Nash and Rachael Barfield.
Dungeon Master - Super dedicated and down to do whatever it takes: Tim Geiger
Mom Power - Laura Pereira
Girl power - Mara Mittler
Going Places - Jordi Zapata
Just for Throwing Up - Josh Wolff. Josh was one of about 3 kids that got overheated our last All Ages Contest and puked on the course. I think his was the worst, so he gets the award.
Hall of Meat - Matt Cava
Every Tuesday (Old Man Tuesdays) - Jimmy Dennis. Just like it says...Jimmy is here pretty much damn near every Old Man Tuesdays ripping it up.
Pete is one half of our maintenance department, and when he's not mopping the course or taking out the trash, he's wrasslin' snakes out of the Moat. That's why we gave hime the Snake Charmer award.
Homer and Bart - Ben and Ethan Pitts. These guys are never apart.
Houdini - Here today gone tomorrow. Nick & Traci Polvinale. This mother and son used to be fixtures here and then they mysteriously disappeared. Ironically, they weren't here to accept the award.
Park Shark - Kris Clayton. Not only does Kris rip, he's also a huge supporter of Boards For Bros. So much so, that when we ask him to dress up in a hot-ass shark costume in 99 degree weather, he's like "no problem".
All In the Family - The Nagaro family is here for damn near every all ages contest and they rule.
Shop Support - Townsend family
Boards for Bros Team Power - Recognition of gratitude for everyone's dedication and hard work - Michelle, Joel, Wesley, Hannah, Kris Clayton, Dan, Woody, Catherine, and Brooke. We also gave Joel a Just For Showing Up for being the most dedicated dude we know to SPoT, Boards for Bros and his family.
Zion Effs - 1st Place 8 and Under at Harvest Jam and 1st Place Overall
Noah Nagaro - 9-12 1st Place Overall
Malique Simpson - 13-15 & Up 1st Place Overall
Jake Yanko - 16 + Up 1st Place Overall
Marse Farmer - Sponsored 1st Place Overall
The "Just For Showing Up" awards are our way of showing appreciation for the people that help these contests run and make our jobs easier. This is Randy from Atomic Tattoos. Along with James, these guys donated the Dunk Tank that was so popular during the event. They've also tattooed the world with SPoT logos over the years.
Woody and Connor get a Just For Showing Up for being down with Boards For Bros since day 1.

Not pictured, but still killing it

  • "Most Improved" - Alex Pinon
  • "Skatepark Support / Tribe Leadership" - Asylum Skatepark
  • "We Out There...God Bless" - Ethan Harr
  • Holland & Knight Law Firm (we are grateful for the donation of your team, support, and the funds to buy new skateboards)
  • Vans (Vans kills it and is down with Boards For Bros for life. We couldn't have done it without you.)
  • Mike Tallone and NHS: Bronson, Ricta, Santa Cruz, Creature, OJ Wheels; thanks for the support and prizes. Over 60 sets of wheels and bearings were given out. The Ditch 'Em event was an epic part of our Boards For Bros Build Day
  • To anyone else we forgot...you know who you are. Thanks for all the love and support this year and always. See you at Tampa Am!!!


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