Safety Harbor Demo Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Safety Harbor Demo

Posted on Monday, February 14, 2005 by Rob

Safety Harbor Demo
Photos and captions by Rob Meronek

Some kid who posted a comment on the message board summed this demo up nicely:
"i was there the demo didnt even seem like a demo it was just llike spot go in there and practice while connely makes jokes i missed mosr caz i thought they were just warming up........what up with the kid that got knocked out?"

Here's a wide view of the park, but what's more interesting than a bunch of pre-fab ramps is Abdias Rivera's blunt fakie on the right while Matt Seemen lays there KTFO with a crowd around him in the far back left
Chris Lehman melon grabs over Safety Harbor's version of the xtreme cannonball launcher mega gargantuan ultra super duper fattie boombalattie skateboard launching apparatus
Ok, there's some kind of crazy geometry going on here with the fisheye and this quarter ledge. The top photo is Abdias Rivera smith grinding what appears to be a straight ledge, but that's just from the fish effect. Strange, huh? The bottom photo taken from the other side of the thing shows its real curve. That's Robbie Kirkland about to nollie flip out of that nose manual
John Montesi is throwing down some kind of Noah Salasnek move or something. Can you tell he's old as hell? Can you tell I'm old as hell because I know who Noah Salasnek is?


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