Andrew Schoultz Paints The SPoT Course For Tampa Am 2017 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Andrew Schoultz Paints The SPoT Course For Tampa Am 2017

Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 by Chris

Milwaukee artist Andrew Schoultz is no stranger to taking on big jobs... he took Art Basel last year to an unreal level with his custom-painted skate obstacles, and has painted everything from a Tesla to a retired CIA Jetstar spy plane. So it only made sense to hit him up to paint this year's Pro Course for Tampa Am / Tampa Pro. As expected, he did a hell of a job. Check out some progress photos and a quick edit where Andrew talks about his history with SPoT and how skateboarding ties in with his artwork. Oh yeah...and he's got a mean 360 flip.

Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Josh Bowser
Andrew gets started with the wall behind the judges stand.
This was a pretty big job, so Andrew brought along some help - his friend Brad.
Andrew takes a break from painting to stomp this 360 flip on the Kahuna.
At the last minute, Andrew decided he wanted to paint the Big Ass Fan!
The course looks super sick. Andrew crushed it... huge thanks to him and Brad for coming to Tampa and blessing SPoT with some rad artwork!


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