2017 Tampa Am Saturday Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2017 Tampa Am Saturday Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Coverage

Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2017 by Chris

As expected, the Tampa Am Qualifiers and Indy Best Trick contest yesterday was insane. Another batch of over 100 of the world’s best Ams came and shut it down. Today we narrow it down to the best of the best, and find out who will get a spot in the 2018 SLS Pro Open. Watch it all today LIVE and FREE at 12pm ET by downloading the ETN app. Here's a quick link to get it.

Photos: Bart Jones
Before going into a long day of filming bangers and hammers, Frank Branca checks the SPoT site for new photos and footage; as you should too!
Roman Pabich films a Frontside Tailgrab with our new filmer, Shadow Man.
Eli Williams goes really fast, even when he’s planted.
Fernando Bramsmark poses the question: how could something Stale be so Fresh?? mind blowing.
Take a hint wiseguy!
Cornrows and Quarter-Pipes, Dominick Walker takes advantage with a Kickflip Frontside Piv.
Chris Colbourn follows the cookie crumb trail and hits a Gap Backside Smith on the way.
If this Frontside Feeble wasn’t mind blowing enough, Felipe Nunes had to go ahead and shuv out as well.
There was some skate coach/dad down there handing out bills for tricks.
Dominick Walker had a solid ass run, ending it all with a perfect Kickflip Overcrook.
Jake Wooten takes a break from being in the air and comes back to earth just long enough for this Front Blunt.
Whadya Heartless!? Nahhh I’m Boneless!! Wesley Box.
The Bad Boy/Cool Guy Crew/Club.
Hermann Stene, Backside Bonelesses back into the pit.
Marcos Montoya gets in some practice with a long drawn out Hurricane Grind.
“Get Off The Course!” you hear the announcers constantly yell… some people just don’t get it.
A photo for each Cornrow, Dominick Walker keeps his numbers up with a FSA.
Looks like this guy is getting something real special.
Mike Piwowar gets Independent’s Best Trick kicked off with a Switch Heel Tail 270.
Daf Noah… Always Hyped!!
Angelo Caro, got a few licks in, here’s one of em’ Tre Flip Lipslide.
The peanut gallery watches in suspense!
JP Oliveira does what Brazilians do, and got 4th in Best Trick, Yeah JP!!
Damn Am online winner Daniel Yeager comes up again taking 3rd in Best Trick, Hell Yaw Daniel!!
It was a Cab backside 180 nosegrind that got Giovanni Vianna 2nd in Indy’s Best Trick but he also did this Half-Cab Heel 5-O as well. Pretty cool stuff Gio!
Parabéns Giovanni!!
No words to describe how hyped we are for Jorge Simões, to come all the way from Portugal and then take 1st Place in Qualifier and in Best Trick as well?? Welp, that's just bananas. Huge Congrats Jorge! And good luck today!!


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