2017 Tampa Am Finals Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2017 Tampa Am Finals Coverage

Posted on Monday, November 13, 2017 by Chris

Another epic Tampa Am in the books... the skating just gets more insane every year and so does the variety of culture that comes to our city for it. Huge thanks to all our sponsors for making this the best one yet, and congrats again to Gustavo Ribeiro on taking home first place!

Photos: Bart Jones
It’s Jah-Boy Brian Schaefer, he’s sayin: Lets get this party started!!
CCC Cool, Calm, Collected. Tre Lip Lucas Rabelo.
I thought Niels Bennett was European. Switch Smith.
Still photos of manual trix?! Sure why not!? Zach Saraceno, FS Flip Manual.
Was kinda surprised not to see Zach in the Finals, but oh well..no harm, no fall.
We Love Boards For Bros!!!!!!
Surprisingly enough Dominick Walker, ain’t a walker, although he is a Gap Back Five-O’r.
Mann that flatbar had to have a lot of wax by end of weekend. Marcos Montoya takes advantage and glides a Back Smith to the other side.
After 540ing everything in his path, Jake Ilardi opts out for a Gap Smith Grind.
Whether it’s hair-dye or a handkerchief, these two know it's important to keep your head piece tight.
Back and Forth..Forth and Back! Marcos posts up on a FS Hurricane Grind.
Remember Jorge Simões? First place qualifier that gets to skip straight to the finals? He's back at it again, gettin’ warm while they tally up scores from Semi’s.
We can’t forget about Ivan Monteiro, Damn Am Of The Year, that also gets to skip to finals.
Marcos Montoya qualified 1st in Semis, Congrats Marcos!
There he is again, doin his thing.
Idk... Matt Price looks a lil bored. Maybe we should get these Finals started!!
Losi lemme get uh Losi.. Christian Dufrene abides.
Day one number one qualifier Jhancarlos Gonzalez bridges the gap with a Kickflip Front Lip.
Hermann Stene making the crowd jealous with his perfect BS Noseblunt Slides.
He has arrived: Giovanni Vianna. Here in the USA we have gotten your message loud and clear and we can’t argue that you are the Fakie/Half-Cab/Cab King!!! Fakie Bluntslide.
Happy 21st Vince!!! Birthday boy Vincent Milou celebrates with some Backtails in the Finals.
For awhile there a lot of us thought Jorge was takin this thing!
Daf Noah hyped on the intensity of finals!
Jake Ilardi is quite the showman, Back Lip puttin’ it on for the crowd.
Damn Am runner-up Maurio McCoy Noseblunts the not so chill A-frame rail.
Matchin his pants with the wall, Marcos finds himself in sync on a Frontside Bluntslide.
Damn Am of the Year and all around winner, Ivan Monteiro gets edgy with a SS BS Smith Grind.
Gustavo Ribeiro had a flawless run!
The face you make when you realize you just won Tampa Am 2017!!
We’ll get to the awards, but lets take a break to talk about the underground world of Champagne Popping...
Gabe Clements has been poppin bottles for sometime now and by the looks of it, he enjoys every bottle pop like it was the first time.
Kelly Hart seems to be a bit of a novice and is having some trouble with his bottle.
Registration guy Derick Glancy seems to be having a bit of beginner's luck dousing a poor Monster Energy girl, whereas Gabe seems to have drawn his attention toward Marcos.
All while Kelly seems to be having a bit of a problem.
Derick celebrates a good bottle pop and takes a sip.
Kelly finally got his bottle pop’t but shoots with kind of a limp stream, aside Wayne Schaefer who has his bottle popping down to a science as he’s been doing this since the 90’s.
Derick is a good dude so he lets DJ Cub take a swig too.
They end the Champagne popping ceremony with a good laugh about the now drenched Monster Energy girl.
Shout-out to SLS/ETN crew!
Yoda takes home the Boards For Bros "Bromander In Chief" Award.
We should just give the Bronson Speed Killer Award to Jake Wooten before the contest even starts.
Shoutout to Santa Cruz/NHS, being a heavy sponsor of the event.
Felipe Nunes takes home a G, winning the Mob "G for Effort" Award.
Your top 3 in their entirety: 3rd - Marcos Montoya, 2nd - Ivan Monteiro, and 1st - Gustavo Ribeiro!
Congrats Gustavo! this is huge! Thanks to everyone! Another epic Tampa Am for the books.


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