SPoT Course Construction 2017 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Course Construction 2017

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 by Chris

Here's a full recap of the new 2017-2018 course from beginning to end, including Andrew Schoultz painting process.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Aaron Burkett on this episode of Grinders...
Hubba hubba.
We got a lot of requests to bring the stairs back this year, so the water gap is 86'ed to make way for a four block.
You might not recognize Mean Gene without his beard, but he's back this year and killing it on construction again.
Big Russ and Schaefer are the masterminds behind this year's layout. Here's Allen plotting out the skeleton of a new kinked hubba.
That's the other end of said hubba. Maximum launchability.
...aand the finished obstacle. She's a beauty.
Ben Johnson from Ramp Doctors carves out a hole for some railing.
...and puts the finishing touches on a hubba. Thanks for the help this year, Ben.
...and here's what that looks like this year.
Looks like they're taking this section out...for what? You'll have to wait until part two to find out.
That's it for now. The course is almost finished, so if you're in the Tampa area, come by and check it out. For everyone else, we'll post up some more photos in the next few days.
Oh wait... forgot we had a little premature after session the other night. Here's Dungeon Master Tim Geiger sticking a 360 flip up and over the new stair set.
And Derick Glancy with a front feeble. Yeah boys!
Sam Bellipanni likes the way this FS pivot tastes on the new hubba's transition side.
When Rolo's not helping you find a shoe size in the shop, he's rocking front feebles in the course.
Shelby Meyer - Gap to Tailslide while Tristan gets the footage.
Spoiler alert: you'll probably see Marse do this gap to crooks at Tampa Am in a few weeks.
Tim Geiger's a beast! 180 Nosegrind down one of the many new hubbas.
Derick Glancy - Kickflip over the A-frame Rail
Wes - 50/50 into the small quarter.
Wes - switch wallie
Mikey aka Leopold - Kickflip Fakie
Party Slide.
Andrew gets started with the wall behind the judges stand.
This was a pretty big job, so Andrew brought along some help - his friend Brad.
Andrew takes a break from painting to stomp this 360 flip on the Kahuna.
At the last minute, Andrew decided he wanted to paint the Big Ass Fan!
The course looks super sick. Andrew crushed it... huge thanks to him and Brad for coming to Tampa and blessing SPoT with some rad artwork!


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