February First Fridays / Soft Hoagie Rolls Video Premiere Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

February First Fridays / Soft Hoagie Rolls Video Premiere Photos

Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 by Clint

Last Friday we had our First Fridays session for members and we coupled that with a Soft Hoagie Rolls video premiere of "Silent Investors". Music by Tyler Radford, Charles Irwin and Jensen Surf Company was banging all night. Corporate Guest came out and offered up some vintage clothing and records. We would like to thank everyone that came out, especially Jake and Soft Hoagie Rolls for help putting this whole February First Friday session on. Our members are awesome!

Photos by: Josh Bowser
Jacob heats up the coping with a Layback Front Rock to start the night.
Anthony Marshello and Tristan are ready to watch Jacob's new video "Silent Investors". Let's start this thing Jake!
Bryam came out to show support before he heads out to New York for a few months. Have fun out there Bryam. Tyler had to photobomb.
Jacob and some of the young talent from the other side of the Bay, Gill and Sam. Hopefully I remembered your names this time guys!
Corporate Guest was out here too, selling & displaying new clothing, vintages records and porn. Yup, vintage porn. You guys rule.
Much love to my St. Pete bros Ant Scalf and Johnny Goheen.
Tyler Radford came out to play first and jammed out alone, his iMac holding the beat while he strummed away on the guitar. The vibes went up right away.
Check the interwebs for all kinds of coverage from the show. Including good stuff from @gingerpics, seen here.
Charles Irwin had killer energy during their set. Crazy to think that they are all still teenagers...
Jensen Serf Company once again lived up to their reputation of one of the loudest, most energetic bands out right now. There's nothing else to say except that they f*^king killed it.
As you can see, Derick & Jacob were working so hard that they didn't have any fun. Seriously though you guys killed it all night, thank you.


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