Tampa Pro 2018 Practice / Industry VIP Contest Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2018 Practice / Industry VIP Contest Photos

Posted on Saturday, March 3, 2018 by Chris

"Tampa Pro is like the Woodstock of Skateboarding" - That's a pretty accurate description of this weekend from our own Brian Schaefer. There's freaks galore, and most of them are the Pros. I mean some of the tricks going down are like straight circus shit. Throw in the occasional magician doing tricks and Zion Wright's dad with his drum circle / seance and you've got a great mix of personalities...and we love it all. Click here to download the ETN app so you can watch FREE today and tomorrow.

Photos: Bart Jones
Show up 1st thing in the morn and lots full, can’t blame em’ as everyone wants to see that annual Industry/VIP Contest.
Orlando Ramos doesn’t let a little rebel rousing get to him and slaps down a Finger Flip Lien Tail.
Line um up and sign em up.
Tato puts the Filas to the test with a Crailslide.
Are those dresses made of sweatpants material?
Alex Foy fuckin ripped the VIP Comp!
Always good to see the pros doin’ some signage for Boards For Bros.
Orlando sticks to the things he knows in the Industry Comp with a Blunt Fingerflip.
We got some random new announcer guy.
Dan Rogers strikes a pose via Tailslide in the VIP/Industry showdown.
Just for 5 Cents a day you can help a professional skateboarder get a haircut.
“Should I get the Sphinx or the Butterfly?”
Skateboarding Legend and all around nice guy, Eric Dressen is always down for a good cause; Spending all day tatting with proceeds goin to Board For Bros.
Tato Feliciano has been a staple in the Industry/VIP Contest for years now..this time finding himself upside and in 3rd place.
Congrats Tato! add it to the plaque stack!
Paul is expressing how close Nick Matlin was to winning, but disposing of the jocky ‘if you ain’t 1st you’re last’ attitude; 2nd place ain’t too shabby. Congrats Nick!!
Coming thru like a rabid beast, Dan Rogers clocks in 1st!!
Congrats Dan!
That looks fun I wish I could do that.
I just wanted to take a photo of this magicians glass tie and next thing I know he opens his wallet and flames came out!
Then we got more than we bargained for when he made Tom Asta’s hair disappear!
Maksim Kruglov knows the fastest way from point A to B is a straight line with a high speed FS Bluntslide.
“Hey Man, does this look like me?”
Shawn Hale Smith Grinds the shelving unit.
Now thats a cute puppy!
Last years victorian, Louie Lopez gets down with a Kicky NG 180 Out.
Ain’t that a bite in the head!
Dane Vaughn Nollie 360 Heelflips on the Kahuna AKA The Gypsy Spin.
Ole’ Chums.
New Chums.
Alex Midler Gaps to From Am to Pro, and to FS Bluntslide as well.
Inside the cuts of the Volcom Road Rager Bus.
David Gonzalez pokes one last one in our faces before we called it a night, Can’t wait to see the hot skateboarding action that's all about to go down today!! Stay tuned!


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