Tampa Pro 2018 Qualifiers / Indy Best Trick Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2018 Qualifiers / Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2018 by Chris

The first official day of competition at Tampa Pro 2018 got started yesterday with professional skateboarders from all over the world looking for that top spot and $20,000 in cash. Qualifiers lit up quick and Yuto Horigome and Manny Santiago came up on the two top spots, which means they go straight to the Finals. Before the dust could clear, it was right into the Independent Best Trick contests, where necks were snapping all over the place from so many insane tricks at once. Watch it all LIVE and FREE by downloading the ETN app here etn17.co/spottampa.

Photos: Bart Jones
Nothing better for settin’ the vibes than showin’ up to a groovy drum circle.
Noseblunt Slides down the Escalator look fun, Braulio Sagas knows how to have a good time.
Paul Hart goes Frontal and holds the Nose.
Viva La Red Dragons! Olympics 2020!!
Axel shows em how its done with a Smith Stall Pop-In.
Dane Vaughn shows the judges stand whats cookin’ with Nollie 180 Switch Crook.
Pact House.
Alex Midler’s 1st pro contest but def not first Kicky Front Board.
William Damascena gets some serious lock on a Front Tail.
Rockin out at the Nectar Sunglasses tent.
Great to see more women in contest this year, Leticia Bufoni; Backside Lipslide
Yuri Facchini has gotta helluva V-Flip on em’
Max Kruglov has got the Front Blunts on lock throughout the park, here’s one of them.
Motivational and emotional support.
Ishod Wair takes the Kicky Phatty to Flatty.
Pinch and Lock, Midler Overcrooks the flatty.
Evan Smith turned his run into a product toss.
With Style and grace from Russia, Kate Shengeliya Airwalks the box.
Chase Webb bout to put down a Front 180 Switch Back 50.
Lil Midler ain’t so little no mo’... actually he still is but doin big tings... BS Noseblunt.
Kechaud Johnson dwarfs a gap Feeble.
Where would we be without the filmers? Gotta show some love.
A is for Axel and frame is for his Noseblunt.
Kelvin Hoefler gets the Best Trick contest started with a Kickflip FS Blunt.
Kinda surprised Paul Hart’s Fakie Flip Switch BS Nosegrind didn’t get any Best Trick love.
On the darkside of the Best Trick obstacle, TJ Rogers did a mind blowing Switch Flip BSTS FS Bigspin out that I’m not sure anyone even noticed.
Felipe Gustavo got 4th in Indy’s Best Trick with this Switch Hardflip Backtail, Nice!!
Yuri Facchini got 3rd in Independent Best Trick, Congrats Yuri!
Sewa did a couple groundbreaking maneuvers, but it was the Bigflip Backtail Bigspin out that seal the deal for 2nd place, Yeah Sewa!!
Oh boy is Jamie Foy a powerful unstoppable force giving hope for big boys all across the world. Taking 1st in Indy Best Trick, well done Jamie!!!


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