Tampa Pro 2018 Converse Concrete Jam Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2018 Converse Concrete Jam Photos

Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2018 by Chris

A truckload of cement can't stop some of the best Pro skaters on the planet from going HAM on our Converse Concrete Course. Especially with a handful of cash on the line.

Photos: Bart Jones
Cody Lockwood gets the Converse Cement Jam started of with a Stale over the door.
Tom Remillard puts one on for the crowd.
Lockwood locks a FS Noseblunt Slide across the doorway.
Zion spins Alley-Oop Backside over the door.
Head high Backside Airs is just how Trey Wood gets speed.
Always hidin’ behind that dang top hat, Cody Back Overcrooks the door.
High to low Backsmith grind Pop-Out for Zion.
Zion takes 3rd in the crete’ jam, hell yea Zion!
Cody L. makes a few notes with 2nd place via Converse Crete jam, much praise Cody!!
Yung Gun from the desert Trey Wood takes it all with 1st place in the Concrete Jam, huge congrats Trey!!!
Trey’s BS Boneless on the roof just before the buzzer.
Another epic Converse Cement Jam for the books. Once again, Congratulations Trey!


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