Miami Invasion 2018 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Miami Invasion 2018

Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2018 by Chris

In a spur of the moment decision on Thursday, Glancy and I decided to fire up the van and make a trip down south to skate with the South Florida homies to try and get some last minute clips for 'Veer', a video we've been working on for a little over two years. The weekend was definitely productive, and one of the best trips I've been on! Here's some iPhone shots we collected in between all the skating and a little edit from that rad DIY spot we hit along the way.

Video and intro by Tristan Mershon
Photos by various
1.Driving down I-4 at 5pm is probably one of the worst decisions you can make in Florida. Here's Rob and Magenta the Dog soaking it in at 10 miles an hour.
2.On the way down, we dropped Magenta at the Glancy household and enjoyed homemade chili. Major shout out to Kim and Gary (Derick's parents) for having us!
3.Saturday morning we started our day off at Dandee's Donut shop in Deerfield Beach before hitting the streets.
4.First spot of the day were these perfect marble ledges. Here's Derick with a picture perfect back smith.
5.We picked up John Dilorenzo in Jupiter while he was in Florida for the week. Watching him skate in person was unbelievable, here he is warming up with a kickflip over a cutty bump to bar.
Miami van life!
6.I would put Chris Roque down as having one of my favorite kickflips. Here he is flicking over the rail into the hubba, board barely leaving his feet.
7.Markus didn't know he was coming on the trip til two hours before we left. Here he is with a warm up heelflip before putting another trick down.
8.The sleeping situation at Lundy's wasn't half bad.
9.First spot on Sunday was the next town over, this sick DIY locally known as "Bum Park". Here's Keenan with a bluntslide over the miniature key hole.
10.Chris set up a freshie and was floating around everywhere.
11.Who doesn't love a trip to Publix? By the way, Rob didn't take that safety vest off once the entire trip.
12.The beach strip has so many spots... this one seemed to be untouched.
13.Dilo floating a Switch Bs Flip.
14.Tale of two TMs!
15.Huuuuuuuge shout out to Dan Lundy for the hospitality and for showing us around! We all thank you!


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