Huf 001 Video Premiere & Best Trick Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Huf 001 Video Premiere & Best Trick Photos

Posted on Monday, March 26, 2018 by Chris

Last Thursday, we were fortunate enough to get an advance copy of Huf's newest video "001" that featured some seriously mind-blowing shit from their team. To celebrate, we threw down a best trick contest and had free pizza - all courtesy of the good people at Huf. Check out some of Josh's photos from the day and make sure you put eyes on that will definitely make you want to get out and skate.

Photos: Josh Bowser
1.Event Coordinator Derick Glancy, laying those HUF stickers and prepping up for the Best Trick Contest.
2.Things get weird when FREE pizza shows up. All thanks to HUF!
3.Danny took advantage of the free grub too…
4.Chris Haughton: Gap to Tailslide
5.Tyler Wolford : Back Lip
6.Rio Batan : Kickflip Front 5-0
7.Kris Clayton : Gap to Feeble to warm things up…
8.Kris Clayton : Gap to BS 50-50
9.Chris Haughton : Getting his legs loose with a Gap to Lipslide
10.Chris Haughton : Gap to Smith. Chris rips and he is super friendly. Nice to meet you Chris!
11.Tyler repping for Huf. Thanks for all the gear guys!
12.Congratulations to Rio Batan, who destroyed the Best Trick Contest with crazy moves like that Gap Noseblunt and the insane Gap Kickflip 5-0 he did! Wow Rio... you are a madman.
13.After the Best Trick ended and Rio was crowned the champ, we finally sat down to enjoy Huf’s awesome new video project “001”, two days before anyone else in the world!
14.The video is super sick and we can’t wait till everyone else gets to see it. Huge shoutout to HUF for the sneak preview!


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