Etnies Album Video Premiere Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Etnies Album Video Premiere Photos

Posted on Monday, April 23, 2018 by Chris

We were lucky enough to get an advance copy of Etnies' newest video "Album" to show here at the park last weekend and it did not disappoint. To sweeten the deal, there was also free skating all day and a Best Trick Jam with some giveaways for the winner. If you missed out, here's a quick rundown of the day's events. Huge thanks to Etnies and everyone that came out!

Photos: Josh Bowser
Our Emcees for the night Tyler Blair, Derick Glancy and special guest on the mic, Paintmaster Pete!
NEWS FLASH! Alex Johnson has quit skating to work on a new action sport…One legged scootering??
Sam hooked up Alex with a fresh grip job. #Doyoulikemygrip?
Right before the premiere, we held a Best Trick Jam courtesy of Etnies. That's Joey Hilbert with a Front Shuv.
Chris Haughton : Crooked Grind
Eric Weingart : Nollie Flip
DJ Sellers took a really gnarly slam during the Best Trick, whipping a full scorpion after he racked on a lipslide. It was hard to watch. But this Smith Grind is much easier on the eyes. Glad you’re okay DJ!
Tyler Redford : Double Flip
Chris Haughton : Gap to Smith Grind
Chris Haughton : Gap to Tailslide Fakie
Congratulations to Chris Haughton for winning the Best Trick! He handled the Gap to Rail with a handful of tricks, including that Gap Tailslide to Fakie. Keep ruling Chris!
Inequality Alumni in the house! Derick G, Eric McKenney and Yonis Molina. If you haven't seen the Inequality video yet, make sure you check it out here.
Words to live by…
The Album video is more than just great skating, its also full of amazing, cinematic cut scenes as you can see here. Thank you to Etnies for allowing us to premier the video extra early and to everyone who came out to enjoy 4/20 with us!


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